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France and the nuclear power production

The nuclear power production has successively been, in France, a model of its national proudness and its economic success, a threat on environment and, at last, after decades of criticism and hesitations, an essential contribution to the recovery of its financial balances and its fight against climate warming. The country, finally, has renounced to what was one of its habits: to denigrate everything which is well working before complaining about everything which does not provide satisfaction to it.

It must have been the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the sanctions against the country natural gas exports and the consequences of ...

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The housing shortage in France

We remember this old saying from the Sixties: “when the building trade is doing well, the whole economy is doing well”. We would update it because today building trade is not going well as the whole economy. French figures are overwhelming. Housing permits delivered during these last twelve months at the end of February were 364 800 units, i.e. a 21.8% fall year on year. During the same period, housing starts number (291 100) felt by 24.6%. In 2023, household investment has dropped by 5%, heavily weighting on the GDP growth. Their saving rate remained unchanged but ...

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The debt, again the debt

Next month, the three main notation agencies will give a decision on the France notation, already put by two of them under negative prospect. It is likely that a downgrade occurs at a time when the State financing needs for the current year will reach a record level with 285 billion of mid and long-term bonds to be issued. 2023 public accounts are going to be updated. A GDP 4.9% deficit had been announced but a 5.5% level is now published. Against the announced objectives and the taken commitments, France will have known in 2023 an aggravation of ...

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