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Figure of the day

167.2 billion : the French trade deficit

Usually, when we talk about deficit regarding the French economy, it is first the State budget one. We even were satisfied with its light reduction in 2022 compared to the initial forecasts. It has been revised downward and has so reached 147 billion when was expected at the end of last year a deficit near 170 billion. To the opposite the increase at an unprecedent level of the trade deficit, which is a much more revealing and worrying indicator of the weaknesses of the French economy, has given place to few comments. At the end of February, for the last ...

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3.01% : The French 10 years bond rate

According to the last figures published February 17th by Agence France Trésor, the rate of the French 10 years bond has overpassed the 3% level for the first time since the euro crisis. The accommodative policy of the European Central Bank chaired at that time by Mario Draghi to save the States-members currency had generated an interests rates fall concerning all maturities. Inflation went near 0% to the point that the Frankfort institution had adopted as its objective, not anymore to fight against inflation but to the contrary to make it rebounding to reach a level near but ...

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2,49% : The French 10 years Bond rate

The long-term interest rates increase is going on in France. The 10 years State bond showed September 23rd a 2.49% return. The move is a general one in the Western world and it results from the adoption by the central banks of more restrictive monetary policies in order to fight against inflation. The Federal Reserve has just increased its basis rate by 0.75% for the third time to put it at 3%, which was forecast, and has announced, which was less expected, new significant increases in a near future. Inflation has reached year-on-year 8.3% in August ...

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