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France : The society inequalities

The result of the 1st round of the parliamentary elections has confirmed the previous European elections ones. With 33% of the votes, the National Rally is ahead by large. Even if it is far from being certain that it obtains an absolute majority at the National Assembly despite the come over of a part of the forces from the right, its score reveals the deep evolution of the French society. According to a poll opinion by Opinion Way published in Les Echos, it would have obtained 53% of the workers votes and 38% of the employee ones. These social categories ...

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Bak to 1981 ?

The conclusion of an agreement between the different political formations claiming they belong to the left and the ecologist movements with the view of the coming parliamentary elections make us inevitably thinking to the Seventies alliances between the left parties and to the Common Program. They were going to lead to the François Mitterrand election 1981 May 10th, followed by a large victory in the parliamentary elections some weeks later. A similar alliance in 1997 will allow the “plural left” to winning the parliamentary elections and to constraining Jacques Chirac to nominate Lionel Jospin Prime minister. The cohabitation ...

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France and the European risk

The low share of the poll obtained by the presidential majority at the European Parlement elections and the decision taken by the president of the Republic to call snap legislative polls at the National Assembly carry the risk to sink France into a major political crisis and to worry financial markets. The prospect of a victory of the far-right parties which for years are criticizing the European Union, after having even proposed to exit from it and to abandon the euro, constitutes a real threat. In case of a lack of majority after these elections, it also opens the possibility ...

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