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Fossil fuels : It is not the end

Every year, the oil group BP, this time in association with the consultant Energy Research, publishes accurate statistics regarding production and consumption of all energy sources in every country. The year 2023 results show the growth trend of fossil fuels production and consumption has gone on. Deep divergences exist between countries. The countries which are the most committed to the fight against climate warming, as France, are these which are carrying the less the responsibility. A deep gap is so persisting between political speech and realities.

Oil world production between 2013 and 2023 has grown from 86.6 to 96 ...

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Electric vehicule:the major uncertainty

Considered as a priority in the fight against the greenhouse gas emissions, the promotion of the electric vehicle is encountering many obstacles in the world which could put into question the announced objectives, due to the specificity of the related industrial sectors and of the client requirements. We do not meet these difficulties in the power production or in the building isolation for instance. Technologies are available for renewables as for nuclear. Regarding the reduction of the energy consumption, it is enough to offer the appropriate financings, to turn out and to recruit the qualified manpower. The situation is quite ...

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France and the nuclear power production

The nuclear power production has successively been, in France, a model of its national proudness and its economic success, a threat on environment and, at last, after decades of criticism and hesitations, an essential contribution to the recovery of its financial balances and its fight against climate warming. The country, finally, has renounced to what was one of its habits: to denigrate everything which is well working before complaining about everything which does not provide satisfaction to it.

It must have been the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the sanctions against the country natural gas exports and the consequences of ...

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