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France and the European risk

The low share of the poll obtained by the presidential majority at the European Parlement elections and the decision taken by the president of the Republic to call snap legislative polls at the National Assembly carry the risk to sink France into a major political crisis and to worry financial markets. The prospect of a victory of the far-right parties which for years are criticizing the European Union, after having even proposed to exit from it and to abandon the euro, constitutes a real threat. In case of a lack of majority after these elections, it also opens the possibility ...

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The end of the German model

The State visit of the French president in Berlin and in Dresden did not bring any concrete results but it occurred at the right time. It is not possible to have a strong Europe without a solid relationship between France and Germany. Yet the country is going to be confronted with major difficulties. It is essential it remains mobilized, despite the structural problems it is going to be confronted with, in order the European project goes stronger and has the capacity to cope with a more and more instable international environment.

The German economy has known a recession in 2023 ...

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Europe : The new way

Where there is the will, there is the way, would have said Lao-Tseu, the Chinese philosopher. At the eve of the European elections and in a world full of crisis and tensions, this thought is still present. People, notably in France, are in the habit of forgetting all the things past time brought to them and of worrying about the difficulties they have to cope with. The look taken on Europe is not an exception to this rule. The populist and nationalist movements rise in several States, members of the Union, is testifying about that. The world has changed and ...

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