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Archives Jan. 1, 2024

China facing its challenges

At a moment when the National People Congress is meeting, the government has confirmed for this year its growth objective around 5% but has not yet announced special rebounding economic measures, which gives rise to some skepticism among Western observers. They notice that this figure is quite low compared to the growth, frequently above 7%, obtained during the decades before the covid-19 crisis. It will be moreover difficult to reach it because the 5% obtained in 2023 was benefiting from a favorable basis effect due to the end in 2023 of the restrictions occurred to fight against the pandemic.

China ...

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Toward a European crisis ?

The European Union is in bad way. It is not the first time. We remember the crisis which had affected the European Monetary System with the several readjustments and the return journey of the Sterling. But that had not impeached the creation of the euro and the successful conversion of the national currencies into the single one. We have not anymore forgotten the consequences of the sub-prime crisis, of the excessive Greek indebtedness and of the weakness of the Irish financial system. Even the Brexit with all its complications on the trade exchanges and on the role of London as ...

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The fossil energies Spring

The contradiction between the message in favor of the greenhouse gas emissions reduction which would go through the diminution of the use of fossil energies and the exceptional prosperity of their producers never has been so strong as in the start of this 2024 year; that situation makes us to think to the declarations of the Engie group executives which has born from the merger between Suez and Gaz de France. They have announced that the company would go out from fossil energies. But it had kept its name. Yet ENGIE, for an English-speaking native is nothing else than the ...

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