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Archives January 2024

The French bureaucratic sickness

At the eve of the publication of its 4th quarter growth figures, France is confronted with a new major social crisis with the protests of the farmers against their professional life difficulties, the fall of their life level and the many constraints provoked by the State decisions. The reduction of the tax advantages on their fuels which are necessary to the working of their agricultural machines has started a large movement with the jamming of the road infrastructures, especially in the Paris region. In five years, it is the third crisis initiated by measures which show a lack of ...

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The American economy : a mirage or a miracle ?

The American election campaign has just started with the Republican primary in the Iowa and it is sure that, along with the society challenges as immigration, the economic issues will have a central place in the debate. The Biden administration will defend its achievements when the Republicans will explain that, with them, the results would have been much better and especially that most of the recorded progresses were resulting from decisions taken under the Donald Trump mandate. The only thing which is sure, it is that the American economy during these last years has obtained clearly better performances than the ...

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The environment and the ecological mistakes

The priority given to environment in the public action is not disputable, even if individual behaviors as enterprises operating modes are also essential. But the difficulty rests in the frequent contradictions between political exigences and the technical realities. It then occurs that to answer politician considerations, the States take decisions in the name of the protection of the environment which lead to results contrary to the expected results due to an ignorance, unvoluntary or not, of the consequences of their action. That situation is not limited to France and we have observed similar cases in Germany and even in the ...

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