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Archives July 2024

Chine : le grand tournant économique ?

Après les publications de la croissance chinoise au 2ème trimestre, et suivant que l’on consulte la presse internationale ou les quotidiens chinois, on est inquiet ou rassuré. La presse internationale remarque que la première estimation de la croissance du PIB est en retrait (4,7% sur un an) par rapport à celle du 1er trimestre (5,3%) et y voit un signe de ralentissement important qui traduit les problèmes structurels auxquels est confronté le pays. Au contraire le quotidien chinois Daily News se réjouit de ce que la croissance au 1er semestre a ...

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Fossil fuels : It is not the end

Every year, the oil group BP, this time in association with the consultant Energy Research, publishes accurate statistics regarding production and consumption of all energy sources in every country. The year 2023 results show the growth trend of fossil fuels production and consumption has gone on. Deep divergences exist between countries. The countries which are the most committed to the fight against climate warming, as France, are these which are carrying the less the responsibility. A deep gap is so persisting between political speech and realities.

Oil world production between 2013 and 2023 has grown from 86.6 to 96 ...

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France : The society inequalities

The result of the 1st round of the parliamentary elections has confirmed the previous European elections ones. With 33% of the votes, the National Rally is ahead by large. Even if it is far from being certain that it obtains an absolute majority at the National Assembly despite the come over of a part of the forces from the right, its score reveals the deep evolution of the French society. According to a poll opinion by Opinion Way published in Les Echos, it would have obtained 53% of the workers votes and 38% of the employee ones. These social categories ...

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