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The end of inflation : Good news

To the opposite of what we frequently hear, the end of inflation is good news: it will not announce a long stagnation period but corresponds to the new situation of developed economies. It can lead to a long phase of prosperity if consequences have been identified and appropriated policies have been adopted.

Among the causes of inflation first appears, in theory, the supposed scarcity of raw materials and the difficulties to adjust supply and demand. Even if we don’t come back to the pessimistic assertions of the “Club de Rome” which, in the middle of the Seventies, maintained, without ...

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Brexit : the Irish dead-end

Irish Vice-Premier Minister Frances Fitzgerald resignation has permitted to avoid, at the last moment, a political crisis in her country. That would have increased the confusion which currently prevails in the negotiations regarding Brexit. They will be the major issue which will be discussed during the next European summit which will take place December 14th and 15th. The case is not well under way due to its complexity and to the political uncertainties in several countries. In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Theresa May is weakened by her poor results during the last elections, by the dissensions inside ...

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Thank you Mr. Draghi

Last Thursday, the European Central Bank has announced the main orientations of its monetary policy for the next year. They have been clarified by the comments added by its president, Mario Draghi. We have, now, a clear indication about the evolution of the eurozone during the coming months. Markets made no mistakes about it. They immediately reacted: European stock markets, except Spain due to political reasons, rose and the euro fell. The currency lost more than 1% against the dollar.

First, the ECB announced that it will prorogate until September 2018 its quantitative easing policy but for amounts reduced to ...

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