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Donald Trump rearguard fight

Donald Trump has announced last week he will sign a decree creating a 25% tax on steel imports and a 10% one on aluminum imports. He hopes, in doing so, that the American production will rebound in these two sectors which he believes they are strategic, regarding the sovereignty of the country. This has triggered several passionate declarations from European leaders and some more cautious ones from China. They threat to replicate with retaliatory measures. According to his habits, the American president has passed a new step in the verbal escalation in mentioning the prospect of a trade war he ...

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The central banks crisis

For more than forty years, developed countries economies went through a kind of permanent crisis, with some rare periods of remission, the last one having just finished with the brutal bumps which have affected financial markets at the beginning of February. Nothing more was needed by financial institutions and economists which have been silent just before the subprime crisis, to send alarmist messages. Worries had been generated by an interpretation, which will be proved wrong, of the intentions of a central bank after the publication of an economic indicator. That case shows the new position these institutions have taken. Their ...

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Davos and the globalization-skeptics

Lavish meetings in a chic winter station or in the Gallery of Battles in the Versailles palace are they the best way to reconcile people with globalization? It is not sure and it would useful because the phenomenon is as irreversible as industrialization was in the 19th century. The world is currently living with a stunning paradox. The trial of globalization is generalizing at a time when, regarding economic situation, optimism prevails and growth has rebounded and is even accelerating, if we follow the conclusions of the International Monetary Fund. If this transformation of the world was as harmful as ...

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