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Towards a devaluation of the Yuan ?

The Chinese currency has just lost, in less than a month, almost 4% of its value against the dollar and the euro. In a context of high tension between the Unites States and their trade partners, atop of them is China, nothing more was needed to reach to the conclusion that in order to respond to the protectionist policy of the American president, a currency war will be added to the trade war which is threatening. The new governor of the Chinese central bank, Yi Gang, who has succeeded in March to Zhou Xiaochuan, who had chaired the institution for ...

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The real energy transition

In France, we are delivering speeches and we like writing laws. One of the favorite purposes is the evolution of a key economic activity: energy production and consumption. It is also at the heart of the debate about environment and the threats greenhouse gas emissions are weighting on the planet. But it is also a key sector for the purchasing power and companies results. Every year, British Petroleum publishes a report on world energy production and consumption by sources of energy and by country. That also allows to assess midterm trends since the report provides the last ten years figures ...

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Diplomacy as a show

The vague agreement between North Korea and the United States about the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, instead of North Korea alone as it was initially requested by Washington, must not make us to forget the psychodrama we attended at the G7. Political leaders must now question themselves about the future of this kind of event. Created in 1975 by a French initiative, these meetings had as a purpose to allow major Western powers and Japan to exchange on economic issues and to find common positions on major trade and financial challenges. It never emerged decisive decisions and that has ...

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