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The big economic mistakes

During the Seventies, we were convinced that prices control was necessary to cope with inflation. It is, to the contrary, their freeing which allowed France to getting rid of that structural weakness. On the same, it was believed during a long time that the consumption rebound was generating a trade deficit as in 1982. We know today that it is wrong and it was the consequences of the huge increase of the dollar on the oil bill which were at the origin, during that period, of the French trade balance degradation. The recent history is not getting itself always from ...

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The Italian model

Soccer is frequently used as a metaphor to illustrate the major points of the world economy. We remember the comments which have accompanied Germany victories against France during the Word Cups in the Eighties. England defeat, on its territory, at Wembley, against Italy during the last Euro final, has not missed to be accompanied with considerations which have not a lot to do with sport. The Squadra Azzura victory was reflecting the European Union superiority against the United Kingdom which had just left it after the adoption of the Brexit.

This coming back into favor of the Peninsula is all ...

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Thank you, Euro !

The sanitary crisis bill is not ceasing to get heavier. Growth numbers related to the 2020 4th quarter which will be published next week would register a less important rebound than previously expected. The prospect of new constraining measures until vaccination has put an end to the pandemic would still weight on growth in 2021. To cope with that situation, the French State has initiated a double action. It has instituted measures intended to enterprises whose activity has been hurt: guaranteed loans, taking into charge of employees part-time unemployment benefits. It has also launched a rebound plan to support ...

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