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The European elections and the climate

Environmental issues and the global warming are at the top of the proposals inscribed in the Renaissance list of proposals for the European elections, a list which has the support of “La République en Marche”, the president of the Republic political party. This preoccupation is legitimated but has it really the full significance it is attributed to it in this debate? The first question to which it is necessary to answer it about the future alliances to be constituted between the elected people groups which will have seats at the European Parliament. The two main groups which would emerge ...

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The worrying Germany

We know the famous metaphor: soccer is a game played by two teams where at the end Germany wins. It was following the French team defeat in 1982 at Seville during the World Cup semi-final. It has been used after to compare respective economic achievements of the two countries but it is much less adapted to the current situation. During the last edition, Germany suffered a humiliating elimination after having been defeated by South Korea at the end of the preliminary phase and France won the title. Regarding economic issues, if France is not shining thanks to its successes, its ...

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Is Germany a model ?

On January 22nd, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron will get together in Aachen to sign a new cooperation Treaty between France and Germany. Both are weakened in their own countries. The French president is facing an unprecedented social crisis since 1968 which, despite the launch of the great national debate, will not disappear before their meeting. The Chancellor has announced she will put an end to her political carrier after the defeat of the coalition she leaded during the last general election. Since that, every local election has seen a backdrop of her party. Their meeting and the Treaty constitute ...

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