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Is Germany a model ?

On January 22nd, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron will get together in Aachen to sign a new cooperation Treaty between France and Germany. Both are weakened in their own countries. The French president is facing an unprecedented social crisis since 1968 which, despite the launch of the great national debate, will not disappear before their meeting. The Chancellor has announced she will put an end to her political carrier after the defeat of the coalition she leaded during the last general election. Since that, every local election has seen a backdrop of her party. Their meeting and the Treaty constitute ...

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Diplomacy as a show

The vague agreement between North Korea and the United States about the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, instead of North Korea alone as it was initially requested by Washington, must not make us to forget the psychodrama we attended at the G7. Political leaders must now question themselves about the future of this kind of event. Created in 1975 by a French initiative, these meetings had as a purpose to allow major Western powers and Japan to exchange on economic issues and to find common positions on major trade and financial challenges. It never emerged decisive decisions and that has ...

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France and the Italian crisis

The respite occurred on financial markets after the appointment of the new Italian government should not delude people. The fall of the Spanish government, even if it has not happened after disagreements about European issues can generate new tensions. The first meetings between these new leaders and Brussels must be watched with attention. Europe is taken in a stranglehold between internal dissent which is increasing everyday and a hostile international environment, worsened by the last decisions of the Trump administration. The project is under threat. It is not the first time. France has no choice. Its action will be decisive ...

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