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The true causes of the French trade deficit

In November the French trade deficit reached 9.7 billion euro. During the last three months, it amounts at 24.5 billion. Such levels were never reached in the past. On an annual basis, the deficit had fluctuated from 2012 to 2020 between 43.5 and 69 billion. In 2021, it would go beyond 80 billion. These figures are all the more worrying that the recovering of balanced trade exchanges trade balance and the rebound of enterprises competitiveness were, for ten years, among the main priorities of the successive governments. So adopted policies have failed and no lesson seems to ...

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The French economy results

The end of the year and the coming of the presidential election constitute the right time to analyze the achievements of the French economy. How did it overcome the difficulties caused by the sanitary crisis? Did it accomplish the progresses to remedy to the weaknesses noted in the past?  For the political forces, if they are in charge of the power or if they belong to opposition, everything is white or everything is black. The reality is different. In some areas, success is difficult to contest, in others it is more than doubtful and they are some where the failure ...

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The negative interest rates comeback in France

In France, for the first time this year, if we except a short period during Summer, the 10 years State Bond went back on December 3rd into negative territory : -0.03%. So, against the forecasts stated many times by the economists and despite the spectacular increase of the public indebtedness since the beginning of the sanitary crisis, France financing conditions remain extremely favorable. But it is not an exception in Europe. Germany keeps its 30 to 40 basis points spread with Paris and has issued these last days 10 years bonds carrying a -0.39% rate. In the Unites ...

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