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The crisis in the car industry

The publication of Stellantis financial results with a net profit of 16.8 billion euros must not lead to the conclusion that the car industry has rebounded, has surmounted the past difficulties and will not be confronted in the future with new crisis. Anyway, Renault is far from having accomplished the same achievement because its net profit, before deduction of the two billion euros loss resulting from its exit from Russia, has only reached 1.6 billion. The sector, everywhere in the world, has suffered two successive crisis. The lockdown has dissuaded household from going to buy a vehicle because ...

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3.01% : The French 10 years bond rate

According to the last figures published February 17th by Agence France Trésor, the rate of the French 10 years bond has overpassed the 3% level for the first time since the euro crisis. The accommodative policy of the European Central Bank chaired at that time by Mario Draghi to save the States-members currency had generated an interests rates fall concerning all maturities. Inflation went near 0% to the point that the Frankfort institution had adopted as its objective, not anymore to fight against inflation but to the contrary to make it rebounding to reach a level near but ...

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Energy: The French dark year

France didn’t have, in 2022, power cuts as it was feared. That threat maybe had been exaggerated in order that household and enterprises make efforts to reduce their power consumption. But it is the unique good news because the inflationist wave which has mainly resulted from the sanctions adopted against Russia with the fossil prices increase which was its consequence and the disastrous results of France foreign trade show to which point the country has been hurt. That situation comes, for a large share, from the mistakes made by the State regarding energy for fifteen years and from European ...

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