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The new nuclear : To catch up with the lost time

The rapid rise of oil and natural gas prices following the sanctions against Russia after the Ukraine invasion has started in Europe an unprecedented inflationist wave for 40 years and the second oil crisis. The limits of renewables have been noted because their intermittent character makes the availability of power production capacities always indispensable. In France, the delays in the putting into production of the Flamanville EPR and of the achievements of the maintenance operations after the Covid-19 pandemic along with the outbreak of corrosion phenomenon have provoked a 30% fall of the nuclear power production and have compelled the ...

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The end of the consumer society ?

Is the succession of crisis which are affecting the world going to generate an irreversible economic and social mutation and to transform the development model of the countries? The Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the geopolitical tensions it has involved to which must be added the taking into consideration of the climate risk which is generalizing cannot remain without lasting consequences, even if one day, sooner or later, the effects of that pandemic will be completely controlled and the peace will have  been restored in Ukraine. Growth during the 20th century has, before everything, been provided by ...

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The ecology and the essential challenges for France

It is always difficult to achieve two different objectives in the same time, a green France, as an example for the whole world and a re-industrialized France to get back full employment and energy independence. But the past action in the nuclear power production and the one, today decided in Brussels, supported by Paris, regarding car industry, provide good examples of what it must not to be done if we want to reach these two objectives, along with being conscient of the real France weight in this essential stake which is the fight against climate warming.

It exists four major ...

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