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Germany, 30 years after reunification

The results of the elections in two of the most important länder in the former East-Germany, Saxe and Brandenburg are revealing the problems to which Germany is confronted with in these territories, 30 years after the reunification, but also in the whole country. During autumn 1989, massive demonstrations in Leipzig showed every week the rejection of the communist regime. Austrian border was half-opened to let pass these who wanted to go in the West of the country. At the beginning of November, in Berlin, under the pressure of the crowd, it was the wall which fell and the democratic ...

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Le modèle allemand sous pression

L’Allemagne a mis une quinzaine d’années à digérer sa réunification. Elle a certes bénéficié du concours de l’Europe mais le facteur déterminant a été  la stratégie suivie par ses entreprises consistant à transformer les anciens satellites politiques de l’ex-Union soviétique pour en faire les nouveaux satellites économiques de leur pays réunifié, tout en conservant le maximum de valeur ajoutée sur leur propre territoire. L’Allemagne n’est pas seulement devenue la première puissance économique de l’Union Européenne, position qu’elle partageait avec la France jusqu ...

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The great comeback of the State

The tackled issues since the beginning of the European elections campaign as the social movements show that a real turnaround is taking place in public opinions. For decades, and not only in the Anglo-Saxon world, the trend regarding the State disengagement was the object of a large popular consensus. We see today a turnaround which is not without links with the rise, in the Western world, of populism. The reestablishment of borders and the stabilization and even the stoppage of immigration are regalia missions by nature. The trial against the globalization and multilateralism is examined by these ones who want ...

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