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Figure of the day

FRANCE : Zero growth during the 1st quarter

The publication by INSEE of its first estimation of the French growth during the 1st quarter has surprised and disappointed. GDP has stagnated. During the same time inflation reached year on year 4.8% and it was not needed more for the spectre of stagflation to be reminded, the worst situation an economy can know with, in the same time inflation and the growth stoppage, which frequently constitutes the preliminary signal of a recession. These worries are yet excessive and the figures are less alarming than they look like because this stagnation occurs after a strong rebound in 2021 ...

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1.02% : The 10 years French bonds interest rate

On March 31st 2022, the rate of the 10 years bond issued by the French State has reached 1,02%. At the beginning of the month, this rate was 0.43% and, a year ago, -0.35%. This rebound is not the consequence of investors mistrust about France due to a strongly growing indebtedness because it is general in the euro-zone and the spread with the German bond on the same maturity has little fluctuated around 40 basis points. It is more revealing of the financial markets moves about the anticipations of the European Central Bank action. The phenomenon is ...

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The negative interest rates comeback in France

In France, for the first time this year, if we except a short period during Summer, the 10 years State Bond went back on December 3rd into negative territory : -0.03%. So, against the forecasts stated many times by the economists and despite the spectacular increase of the public indebtedness since the beginning of the sanitary crisis, France financing conditions remain extremely favorable. But it is not an exception in Europe. Germany keeps its 30 to 40 basis points spread with Paris and has issued these last days 10 years bonds carrying a -0.39% rate. In the Unites ...

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