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Alain Boublil Blog



The natural gas future

Tensions between Greece and Turkey and the American sanctions against the completion of the Nordstream 2 pipe line in the North Sea are revealing with a full daylight the new importance and the geopolitical challenges linked to natural gas. 20th century had been the oil century with major political and economic consequences. During the Twenties, the breaking up of the Ottoman Empire and the sharing, between Western powers of the territories where were located oil fields had, through the “Red Line Agreements” allowed oil majors emergence and guaranteed the supplying of Western countries. It was the oil embargo against ...

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The Castex Plan

The Prime minister has just delivered his rebound plan details for the French economy to cope with the deep recession caused by the corona virus outbreak. He had delayed this presentation by a week in order to avoid to interfering with the announcement of the new sanitary measures decided due to the rise of the number of people affected by the virus during summer. That presentation also follows the publication of the detailed figures of French GDP for the 2nd quarter, issued August 28th. The rebound plan focused itself on its amount, 100 billion euro and on precise ...

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Une relance économique ou politique?

Le report par le gouvernement de la présentation du plan de relance économique a été justifié par la priorité donnée aux mesures adoptées pour faire face aux risques de reprise de l’épidémie du coronavirus et à la nécessité que les deux messages, sanitaires et économiques, ne bénéficient pas de toute l’attention nécessaire en étant délivrés simultanément. Le rebond des contaminations, même s’il n’a pas généré jusqu’à présent, de reprise des affections graves, comme en témoignent le très faible nombre de ...

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