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China : The year of the Tiger

On February 1st, China will celebrate the New Year and will come into the year of the Tiger. During two weeks, Chinese people will be in vacation but, due to the restrictive measures decided to impeach the pandemic to spread into the country, it will not be possible to travel into or outside the country as in the past. These measures have also be put into place to allow the Winter Olympic Games to going off as it was forecast between 4th and 20th February but with a limited public attendance and without any foreign spectator. Tourism ...

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The true causes of the French trade deficit

In November the French trade deficit reached 9.7 billion euro. During the last three months, it amounts at 24.5 billion. Such levels were never reached in the past. On an annual basis, the deficit had fluctuated from 2012 to 2020 between 43.5 and 69 billion. In 2021, it would go beyond 80 billion. These figures are all the more worrying that the recovering of balanced trade exchanges trade balance and the rebound of enterprises competitiveness were, for ten years, among the main priorities of the successive governments. So adopted policies have failed and no lesson seems to ...

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Europe : The best and the worst

The controversy about the presence of the European flag above the Unknown Soldier tomb under the Triumph Arch is revealing of the limits of the French people adhesion to Europe. What has hurt was the disappearance of the French flag in an emblematic place of their history. Europe, yes, but definitely not if that makes France disappearing. These good sense considerations have been forgotten by these who have taken that decision. That has lead to the opposite effect from the sought-after objective and has provoked an opinion rejection instead of a celebration of the moment when the country was taking ...

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