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China-United States : toward a respite ?

The covid-19 pandemic and the impacts of the virus mutation have heavily affected the world economy. But they have not been the only ones to constitute a threat. The tensions between the two biggest economic powers, the United States and China, to the point it has been said there was a new “cold war”, have worried and the questions we can rightfully ask about the intentions of the new American president are still there. His predecessor had wanted to affirm his desire for power. In his slogan “America first” there was both the priority given to the satisfaction of American ...

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François Mitterrand and the economy

At the end of this week, a ceremony in François Mitterrand honor will occur on the occasion of his death 25th birthday. Next May 10th, will be celebrated the 40th birthday of his election as French president. These events will provide the opportunity of a thought regarding his achievements. If his role in the French society transformation with the liberalization of audio and TV sectors and the abolition of death penalty and if his action in favor of France cultural influence and of European construction are not disputed, his economic policy has been most of the ...

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The 2021 challenges

When we remember the projections which were made a year ago about the world economy, we measure to which extent the art of forecasting is difficult. But that must not impeach us to look with lucidity at the problems the world and, of course, France will be confronted with next year and to try to assess what are at stakes. If the art of governing lies in to know how to forecast, in order to find the appropriate policies and to put them into practice with success, it is important to have an as sound as possible analysis of the ...

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