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Brésil : une économie résistante

On s’intéresse aujourd’hui à l’économie brésilienne bien plus pour dénoncer la déforestation de l’Amazonie, qui d’ailleurs n’est pas entièrement située à l’intérieur de ses frontières, que pour analyser ses performances, sa croissance, son inflation ou sa fragilité financière. Le temps n’est pas si lointain où, du fait de l’ascension vertigineuse de sa devise, le réal, le pays s’était retrouvé non loin de la France, dans le classement des principales économies mondiales. Il figurait, avec la Chine, la Russie et l’Inde au ...

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China has rebounded

The publication of the last purchasing managers indexes in China shows that the exit from lockdown and the end of the Lunar New Year holidays are characterized by a much stronger rebound of the Chinese economy that it was expected by the developed countries economists and as a rule by the politician world. Chinese authorities had been strongly criticized about the imposed rigor to fight against the pandemic, with notably, the lockdown and the travels ban. Industrial components supply chains had been disrupted generating scarcities and prices increases. The move without any transition from the “Zero-covid” to the normal activity ...

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The crisis in the car industry

The publication of Stellantis financial results with a net profit of 16.8 billion euros must not lead to the conclusion that the car industry has rebounded, has surmounted the past difficulties and will not be confronted in the future with new crisis. Anyway, Renault is far from having accomplished the same achievement because its net profit, before deduction of the two billion euros loss resulting from its exit from Russia, has only reached 1.6 billion. The sector, everywhere in the world, has suffered two successive crisis. The lockdown has dissuaded household from going to buy a vehicle because ...

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