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The High-Speed train : a French success

Forty years ago, precisely on 1981 September 22nd, François Mitterrand inaugurated the High-Speed line between Paris and Lyon and delivered in Le Creusot a decisive speech in favor of the re-launch of the construction of the necessary infrastructures to the country equipment, which has been the starting point of the exceptional development of this new mode of transportation. If this anniversary has been the occasion of a ceremony to which the President of the Republic attended and of a large media coverage, very few comments were maid about the major turnaround operated in the France railway policy at that ...

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Thank you, nuclear power

Regulated electricity tariffs have increased by 0.5% on August 1st after a 1.6% rise on February 1st. In two years, the French people annual bill increased by 5%. We could legitimately be worried about that. But it would forget that, as an average, in Europe, the rise has been much superior, when prices paid by household were already much higher than in France. In 2019, the cost by consumption unit in Germany, for instance was superior by 68%. Natural gas regulated tariffs, them, have increased by 8.7% September 1st, after rises by 5.3% and 9.9 ...

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French economy : the misleading figures

The publication of an upward revision of the French GDP during 2021 2nd quarter, from 0.9% to 1.1%, the confirmation of the 2021 growth forecasts between 5 and 6% as the coming back to the pre-Covid-19 crisis level of the jobseekers having no activity level has been welcomed with satisfaction and has been accompanied with definitely optimistic comments. It has been the same with the polls results about an improvement of business climate in several activities. But it is excessive because these data are based on figures largely influenced by “basic effects”. When you measure an evolution against ...

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