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Donald Trump-Xi Jinping : the unequal combat

The Syrian crisis must not conceal the other current factors of instability. Tension between the U.S. and its allied nations and Russia will wane as soon as situation in Syria calms down. Economic consequences of the sanctions will be limited at the world level. It won’t be the same if a real economic war opposes China and the U.S. It is the whole international trade organization which could be affected. Despite its defects and the exceptional imbalances that system has sometimes generated, it has permitted a continuous trade development for more than fifty years and it is ...

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China : the Year of the Dog

The names, in the Chinese calendar, carry no particular symbolic message but the dog, as a domestic animal itself, is well-known for its faithfulness. It is not incompatible with the point that China is loyal to the principles stated by its leaders and is redirecting progressively its economy toward its interior market through its modernization and in satisfying its population demands regarding environment. In 2018, the year of the Dog, following the year of the Cock, growth should continue with a strong rhythm. The point to know if it will “slow” after the 6.9% reached in 2017 to be ...

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China ; The new economic diplomacy

The French president will travel to China in the coming days before going to Japan and South Korea. He will not make the same mistake than some of his predecessors. The first State visit in Asia of a foreign political leader must be in the Chinese capital if he wants to create a climate based on mutual respect. The condition is necessary but not sufficient. He must also be well informed about major orientations of those who are going to talk with him and he must show it. If he doesn’t, he would be considered as an ignorant or ...

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