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A busy week for China

It has started with the announcement by the Trump administration of the instauration of customs duties on 200 billion dollars of Chinese exports. The rate is modest (10%) but it could rise next year until 25%. On September 18th, the Summer Davos Forum opened in Tianjin. 2000 gests coming from more than 100 countries will attend the meetings. Beijing will develop its analysis regarding the Fourth industrial revolution and how shape innovative societies to adapt themselves to the progress of robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The Forum comes just after the Vladivostok Meetings where Russian and Chinese economies exposed their ...

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Towards a devaluation of the Yuan ?

The Chinese currency has just lost, in less than a month, almost 4% of its value against the dollar and the euro. In a context of high tension between the Unites States and their trade partners, atop of them is China, nothing more was needed to reach to the conclusion that in order to respond to the protectionist policy of the American president, a currency war will be added to the trade war which is threatening. The new governor of the Chinese central bank, Yi Gang, who has succeeded in March to Zhou Xiaochuan, who had chaired the institution for ...

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A strategic trip to China

The trip the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will make to China next week carries a much more strategic character than it seems at first sight. It starts in the South, in the city of Shenzhen which was the birthplace of the economic revolution launched by Deng Xiaoping almost forty years ago and where stands one of the few monuments elevated to honor his memory. He will go after to Shanghai, the financial hub of the country and ends in Beijing, due to protocol reasons. The trip comes in a context of a bitter trade crisis with the U.S ...

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