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China : The year of the Tiger

On February 1st, China will celebrate the New Year and will come into the year of the Tiger. During two weeks, Chinese people will be in vacation but, due to the restrictive measures decided to impeach the pandemic to spread into the country, it will not be possible to travel into or outside the country as in the past. These measures have also be put into place to allow the Winter Olympic Games to going off as it was forecast between 4th and 20th February but with a limited public attendance and without any foreign spectator. Tourism ...

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Where China is going to ?

The absence of the Chinese president Xi Jinping at the two major international meetings in Roma (G20) and Glasgow (COP 26) has triggered a wave of comments about the “isolation” and the “withdraw into itself” of the second biggest economy of the planet, whose growth model had been until now based on an active contribution to the globalization expansion. In 2020, its exports reached 18% of the world exports. The explanation given by Beijing, the sanitary context and the very strict measures adopted in the country to slow the development of the pandemic, have not convinced.

In the same time ...

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The United States and China:They must talk together

The Joe Biden victory has been welcomed with relief by the international community: it was the certainty of an appeasement of the geopolitical tensions with the comeback of the presence of the U.S. in the major multilateral discussions. Several signals have been very quickly sent with notably the return in the Paris Agreement related to the fight against climate warming from which Donald Trump had left its country. But the issue of the relations with China still remains sensitive. The tone has changed with the abandon of the provocations but the analysis remains the same: China is a strategic ...

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