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China is emerging from the crisis

Being the first country to be affected by the corona virus pandemic, to the point that some are blaming it for its responsibility, China was the first one to emerge from the sanitary crisis, even if some clusters are reappearing, and to regain, before the other major developed countries, a growth rhythm which will allow it to quickly erasing its economic consequences. We know the skepticism what statistical data generally arouse and the comments which accompany the declarations of Beijing leaders are most of the time critical. Yet the prestigious medical review, the Lancet, has just published an unequivocal study ...

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The Chinese economy has recovered ahead

The many international tensions which are opposing China to the United States, to the United Kingdom and to some of its neighbors in Asia must not occult a major economic reality: the Chinese economy has recovered ahead. During the 2nd quarter, GDP grew by 3.2% compared to the same period last year. During the 1st quarter, it had fallen by 6.8% year-on-year. As a whole, the GDP during the 1st half of the year is 1.6% lower, which allows to assuming, if the trend goes on, a positive growth for the full year. So ...

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Which rebound for the Chinese economy ?

The Year of the Rat was looking promising for the Chinese economy at the Lunar New Year vacations Eve. When European and American economies were running out of steam, a first step in the conclusion of a trade agreement with the United States had been cleared and the risks of a tensions worsening were passing. 2019 growth  had over passed 6% and that was a result that would have made the whole world envious. December figures were even showing an accelerating trend. The sanitary catastrophe which occurred in January, when according to the tradition hundreds of millions of Chinese are ...

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