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The United States and China:They must talk together

The Joe Biden victory has been welcomed with relief by the international community: it was the certainty of an appeasement of the geopolitical tensions with the comeback of the presence of the U.S. in the major multilateral discussions. Several signals have been very quickly sent with notably the return in the Paris Agreement related to the fight against climate warming from which Donald Trump had left its country. But the issue of the relations with China still remains sensitive. The tone has changed with the abandon of the provocations but the analysis remains the same: China is a strategic ...

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The Long March toward of the chinese economy

The publication of the Chinese growth numbers of the 2nd quarter confirms the strength of the economic rebound of the country, even if the comparisons are difficult to interpret. The Covid-19 pandemic hurt it as soon as in 2020 1st quarter and the fall of the economic activity has been extremely brutal before progressively rebounding and allowing China being the only one among major world economies to be able to show off a 2.3% growth in 2020. During 2021 1st quarter and 2nd quarter, GDP increased by 18.3% and 7.9% year-on-year. So this slowing is only apparent ...

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China : The latest news

We remember the metaphor about soccer: it is a game you play between two teams with eleven players where, at the end, it is always Germany which wins. It has a little lost its actuality but the principle is still there and could be applied to economy. The world is permanently confronted with crisis, but whatever is the cause, at the end, it is always China to blame. The country has been at the center of the discussions inside the G7, the NATO and the meeting between the American president and his European counterparts this week. The regime lack of ...

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