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The hidden sides of the German model

German elections which will take place next Sunday will see a new victory for Angela Merkel. The only uncertainty is about its magnitude and the necessity she will have –or not- to constitute a coalition and with whom. An alliance with the Greens is the less likely hypothesis, even if she gave them token in getting out of nuclear power and in committing her country in an energy transition program which satisfies them. The likely comeback of the FDP, which missed the 5% barrier during last election in 2013, into the Bundestag opens the door to a “Small coalition” as ...

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Donald Trump and the outside world

To make a fortune in real estate doesn’t necessarily constitute a good training to understand the present world and to be prepared to the tomorrow outside world. Such is the lesson we can learn from the declarations and the first decisions of Donald Trump and his team. His personal ideas regarding women or religion are arousing in his country and outside a strong reproof. They correspond to the choice of a minority of Americans but, to put them into practice, the new president will have to compromise with the very efficient check and balance principles which are the characteristic ...

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Wallonia and the Brexit

The ups and downs which have marked the final negotiations about the trade treaty between European Union and Canada (CETA) are full of lessons about those which will open with the United Kingdom about Brexit. The last-minute agreement reached between Belgian provinces to permit their country to ratify the treaty currently discussed in Brussels does not change anything to the questions this affair has rose regarding European procedures related to negotiations between the Union and third countries and their approvals. Commission has received by delegation, a full mandate to negotiate. But regarding approval, it is either the Council of ministers ...

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