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Interest rates : the rise, until where ?

The signal of the economic activity degradation and even in some cases, of a recession, as in Germany, and of the slowing of inflation, have not dissuaded the Central Banks, apart from China, from going on with increasing their rates or with announcing future increases. The chairman of the Federal Reserve in Washington has not proceeded to an eleventh rise in June but he gave to understand that other increases will occur before the year end. The European Central Bank, to the opposite, has proceeded July 15th to an eighth increase of 25 basis points and its chairman, Christine ...

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The new inflation

It was thought that the inflation issue was definitely over. During almost ten years, until the Covid-19 crisis, price increase in the developed countries had been very low, sometimes even negative to the point that central banks, with in the first position the European Central Bank, had re-interpreted their mandates: instead of acting to make inflation going down at a level inferior but near 2%, the ECB had reduced its rates and launched a massive public bonds purchase plan to make inflation rebounding to a level near but inferior to 2%. Everything has changed first with the sanitary crisis and ...

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Brussels and the CO2 emissions

The fight against the greenhouse gas emissions has now taken an essential place in most developed countries and has become a major political challenge. European institutions are concerned and are the place where sometimes occur severe confrontations between the States. But that can lead to adopted positions or to decisions which have an opposed effect to the sought-after objectives. The total emissions generated by the production and the fossil fuels utilization, calculated with the integration of the methane and of the consequences of the natural gas flaring around oil fields, as each year BP evaluates them, show that the level ...

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