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An uncertain end of year

At a moment when, coming at the invitation of the president of the Federal Reserve, Jay Powell, the international economic leaders and the economists gather at Jackson Hole, uncertainties about the evolution of the world economy during the end of the year have increased. The progressive discharge of the effects of the Covid-19, the mastering of the fossil fuels flows affected by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the stabilization of the relationship between the United States and China have not been enough to reestablish a trust climate, indispensable for the return to growth in the developed countries as ...

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Energy and the carbon dioxyde emissions in the world

During 71 years, the BP group has published accurate statistics about energy production and consumption country by country and for each energy source. Now, this mission has been granted to the Energy Institute which has just revealed the 2022 results. The year has been characterized by growth slowing everywhere in the world except in India, after the rebound occurred in 2021 coming after the deep recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 2022 has also been affected by the oil and natural gas supply chains perturbations after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the sanctions decided by the Western countries ...

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Interest rates : the rise, until where ?

The signal of the economic activity degradation and even in some cases, of a recession, as in Germany, and of the slowing of inflation, have not dissuaded the Central Banks, apart from China, from going on with increasing their rates or with announcing future increases. The chairman of the Federal Reserve in Washington has not proceeded to an eleventh rise in June but he gave to understand that other increases will occur before the year end. The European Central Bank, to the opposite, has proceeded July 15th to an eighth increase of 25 basis points and its chairman, Christine ...

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