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towars a crisis of the car industry in Europe

Europe is capable of the best as of the worst. Without talking about the peace which reigns for near 80 years over its people, an unprecedent fact in history, and when war is close to its doors, the creation of the euro has constituted an exceptional success. The move to the unique currency, which was posing many technical problems, was perfectly achieved. Thanks to euro the States-members of the euro zone have been able to go through many crisis occurred for twenty years. The European Central Bank has allowed to financing without difficulties the measures taken by each State to ...

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Towards the end of the German model

The publication of the last statistics about the German economy allows to questioning us on the capacity of the country to overcome its current difficulties and to keep in Europe its leader position given by its size and its situation as a model which have been granted to it by its past remarkable results both regarding its exceptional foreign trade thanks to its industry and its public finance and inflation mastery. Germany came into recession. according to the definition based on a diminution of its GDP during two consecutive quarters. These ones have regressed by 0.5% during 2022 4 ...

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The Germany weakening

In less than thirty years, once the unification of the Eastern provinces was successfully achieved, Germany has become the good if not the best pupil of the European Union. It could so set its conditions for the creation of the euro, bolstered by its foreign trade surplus, the rigorous management of its public finances and its low inflation. It revived the great principles which had made its prosperity. As far as back 1895, Paul Valery, the French essayist, had shown that it was coming from its ability “to make returning the maximum of wealth from all the places in the ...

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