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The tomorrow economy

Nothing, we are frequently listening, will be as before. The second wave of the covid-19 epidemic is there. The economic rebound which happened during the 3rd quarter, coming after the deep growth fall occurred during the previous quarter is under threat everywhere in the world except in China. So the situation is worrying despite the put in place of economic policies assigned to enterprises protection against the effects of the recession in every country. Behavior of household who have accumulated on their banking and saving accounts a huge amount of money has surprised and their reluctance to consume has ...

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Les chiffres de la crise


Les résultats des principales économies pour le 1er semestre permettent d’avoir une appréciation de l’ampleur des répercussions de la crise du corona virus et de leur diversité. Les pays les plus touchés ont été le Royaume-Uni, l’Espagne, la France et les Etats-Unis avec un niveau du PIB inférieur entre 15 et 20% à celui atteint un an auparavant. L’Allemagne a été frappée par une récession moins violente, -10% après -2% au premier trimestre. Le Japon et surtout la Corée du Sud ont connu des baisses d’activité bien ...

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Energy : 2019 results and prospects for the "world to come"

In June, the oil group BP publishes energy production and consumption statistics for the previous year by sources and by countries. That allows to having a precise and definitive idea of the world situation, of CO2 emissions, of the evolution of the repartition between different fossil fuels, renewable and nuclear power and especially of the mid-term trends which are appearing. They allow to dismiss many wrong ideas regarding energy transition and to carry a judgment on the different proposals which are circulating in this domain.

The first observation is about energy consumption which, as a whole, is not failing, even ...

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