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Is the worst sure ?

For several weeks, we don’t count the number of pessimistic forecasts or even catastrophic ones made by economists. That has started at the end of last year with Alain Minc who thought that “the financial markets fall was unavoidable”. We saw during 2019 first half their strongest rise for more than ten years. The origin of this pessimism results both in the situation of the major countries as it is presented and the observed rebound of international tensions which is affecting trust in the future. It is also the consequence of what the Queen of England said one day ...

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The trial against carbon

Threat is almost always a bad advisor. The artificial putting together between the heat wave which is hurting France and climate change is exploited by lobbies to promote green radical solutions as « carbon neutrality », a concept whose definition is fuzzy and depends from the one who is putting it forward, or even the “de-carbonization” of the society. The adoration for innovation is called to help to save the planet and the electric, autonomous and connected car is proposed as a credible solution. These debates are not new and we just have to read again Jules Verne, the science-fiction father, to ...

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And if the world economy was doing better ?

Economists and their commentators have been shocked by the 2007crisis. None of them saw it coming, as the Queen of England one day noticed it. In order to regain their credibility, it was necessary that each of them finds a good reason to forecast the worse. If it was coming, they would be genius. And if nothing happened, everybody would have forgotten their pessimistic comments. Some went even further through numerology to find reasons to worry. Figure nine would carry misfortune. It occurred, of course, with the 1929 crisis. But after that, it is more disputable. The recession occurred from ...

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