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2019 Uncertainties

2018 has surprised. The 2017 year had come to the end in good conditions. It was “planets alignment” with a very low oil price, interest rates near zero and a favorable global environment. French growth reached its highest level for a long time: during 2017 2nd half, it had been near 3%, on annualized rate. That did not last. International tensions increased all along the year with the promise of a trade war between China and the U.S., an unprecedented hostility of the American president toward Europe and a brutal rebound of oil prices. Inflation was making a ...

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2018 : The bad vintage

Even if no major financial crisis has occurred during the ending year, it will remain everywhere as a bad vintage. The major financial markets have made this analysis and have heavily fallen during the fourth quarter. For several months, the exceptionally long duration of the economic cycle which followed the 2007-2008 crisis had surprised. Many experts had announced its end and predicted a new serious financial crisis with their eyes oriented toward China and consequences on the whole planet. That did not happen but there is unanimity to note that the world has become more fragile and that every country ...

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The Brazil mistakes

The impressive score of Jair Bolsonaro in the first round of Brazilian presidential election has aroused attention on the country from all around the world. The populist authoritarianism with its racist and homophobic whiffs and the liberalism which inspires the economic program of the candidate show that this one is full of contradictions. Commentators have noticed some similarities with Donald Trump election. They even have made a comparison with the divisions and the crisis which is affecting Europe. Yet, that analysis is superficial. Brazil political and economic situation is quite different. If we set aside some short periods of time ...

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