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The right energy transition

Climate warming is, for the first time, one of the major issues in the French presidential elections. Each candidate pledges his credibility on the answers he proposes but these ones are frequently hazy and even sometimes in contradiction with the other proposals inscribed in their programs. To announce ambitious objectives about the reduction of greenhouse emissions is not enough. The achievement of these objectives must be credible and square with the challenges with which the world is confronted. To bring convincing answers, it is necessary to take into account three realities.

First, climate warming is a global phenomenon. It is ...

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The Central Banks and iinflation

Last week, the central Banks of the United States, the United Kingdom and the euro zone had each one a meeting in a context affected by the uncertainties about the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic, about the durability of the economic rebound in the concerned countries and about the character of the inflation which affects them in order to define and to make public the guidelines of their monetary policy for the year to come. Through the definition of a guideline, these institutions which have become essential actors of the economic policy intend to avoid the disorders which could occur ...

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Natural gas, the new strategic commodity

During a century, the access to oil has constituted a major strategic stake and has been at the center of geopolitical tensions leading even sometimes to wars. At the end of the Ottoman Empire, England and the United States, to which France lately joined, have redrafted the Middle East map according to the localization of the oilfields. The Pearl Harbor attack has been initiated by Japan threat to be deprived of its oil supply by the U.S. If the German army went to Stalingrad to fight, it was with the purpose to have access to Caspian Sea and its ...

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