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The end of the consumer society ?

Is the succession of crisis which are affecting the world going to generate an irreversible economic and social mutation and to transform the development model of the countries? The Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the geopolitical tensions it has involved to which must be added the taking into consideration of the climate risk which is generalizing cannot remain without lasting consequences, even if one day, sooner or later, the effects of that pandemic will be completely controlled and the peace will have  been restored in Ukraine. Growth during the 20th century has, before everything, been provided by ...

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The dollar increase : Why and how far?

The dollar has experienced a spectacular increase these last months against all the major currencies in the world. For a year, it has appreciated itself by 15.2% against the euro and by 17.6% against the sterling, an increase which slowed these last days after the turnaround of the British government which has abandoned its general taxes cut policy after having announced it some weeks before. The fall of the yen is spectacular: -23.3% when the Chinese currency, the Yuan has better resisted; the cause of the dollar appreciation is well identified, but the spreads between currencies would ...

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China and the global crisis

The economic and financial consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and of the Ukraine invasion by Russia, which are adding to themselves and during more than forecasted in the Western countries are so heavy that it is not anymore excessive to talk about a global crisis. China has not been saved due to its very strict policy and to the breakout of supply chains built during the last decades and which were at the origin of the globalization. At the eve of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party which will decide, in all probability, to give a third five-years mandate ...

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