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Alain Boublil Blog



La nouvelle inflation

On croyait en avoir fini avec l’inflation, au moins dans les pays développés, laquelle avait été un facteur majeur de déséquilibre jusque dans les années 90. Pour lutter contre elle, les politiques monétaires avaient été poussées jusqu’à l’extrême, comme aux Etats-Unis en 1979. Cela avait été, au moment de la création de l’euro et de la Banque Centrale Européenne, l’inquiétude majeure des pays fondateurs comme l’Allemagne, qui avait encore en mémoire les désastres des Années 20 qui n’avaient pas ét ...

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The new energy crisis

The very strong passed and announced price increases of the fossil energies and of power remind us a time we thought it was bygone, with the oil prices shocks of the Seventies. The Middle-East and African countries oil producers did gather in 1960 to create OPEC in order to counterbalance oil majors full power. In 1973 the organization decided to limit its production and ordered an embargo against the United States and the Low Countries as the consequence of the Kippur war. The barrel price jumped from 3 to 12 dollars. A new disequilibrium occurred on the market four years ...

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The innovation uncertainties

The Richard Branson short trip into space aboard his launching-airplane whose realization he had financed  as the coming stay in space of Jeff Bezos, also aboard a capsule whose he looked after the conception show how to which point innovation can create surprises. Who could have forecasted, during the Fifties, that the space competition between the United States and the Soviet Union could one day lead to leisure activities? Ray Bradbury, in his Martian Chronicles published at that time was rather imagining an invasion of Mars, at the beginning of the 21th century by the Earth inhabitants, impatient to extend ...

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