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Brussels and the CO2 emissions

The fight against the greenhouse gas emissions has now taken an essential place in most developed countries and has become a major political challenge. European institutions are concerned and are the place where sometimes occur severe confrontations between the States. But that can lead to adopted positions or to decisions which have an opposed effect to the sought-after objectives. The total emissions generated by the production and the fossil fuels utilization, calculated with the integration of the methane and of the consequences of the natural gas flaring around oil fields, as each year BP evaluates them, show that the level ...

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Energy transition : The big contradiction

The climate warming is attributable to the emissions of greenhouse gas which are caused by human activities, in the first position of which are the production and the utilization of energy. It is, which is rarely mentioned, a global phenomenon. It is the action of all the States which is important and there is no relation between the behavior of a country and the damages it could suffer on its territory. To the opposite, its action will profit to everybody in proportion with the share it occupies in the whole emissions. In that way, if France reaches its carbon neutrality ...

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Brazil : A resilient economy

Today, we are interested about the Brazilian economy much more to denounce Amazon deforestation, which, anyway, is not fully located inside its borders, than to analyze its achievements, its growth, its inflation or its financial weakness. Time is not so far when, due to the breathtaking ascension of its currency, the real, the country was not far from France in the ranking of the major world economies. It was included, with China, Russia and India, in the BRICS group to which was added South Africa in order to this continent was present in it.

If the country has seen its ...

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