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And if the world economy was doing better ?

Economists and their commentators have been shocked by the 2007crisis. None of them saw it coming, as the Queen of England one day noticed it. In order to regain their credibility, it was necessary that each of them finds a good reason to forecast the worse. If it was coming, they would be genius. And if nothing happened, everybody would have forgotten their pessimistic comments. Some went even further through numerology to find reasons to worry. Figure nine would carry misfortune. It occurred, of course, with the 1929 crisis. But after that, it is more disputable. The recession occurred from ...

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The New World facing old economic policies

The world has more changed during the last 25 years than during the half-century which preceded it. An extraordinary innovations wave whose success nobody forecast occurred from information circulation through domestic tools belonging to the daily life until shale oil and gas discoveries which postponed by several centuries worries about possible shortages. There was also the upheaval of the geopolitical context with the end of the Cold War symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall, the strengthening of the European project and the Chinese economy take-off. The States did not have any other choices, to cope with these challenges ...

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Las Vegas, the capital city of the new world ?

The Consumer Electronic Show, which was just held in Las Vegas, attracts every year more enterprises, and not only start-ups, as media interest. It is shown there the new products and services which will be offered to consumers and which will make their inventors rich. Countries are also looking after a showcase of their dynamism there. France is not the last one because we are praising ourselves to be an innovating nation: the number of French enterprises which are making the trip put us at the second place, after the U.S. So France would have become a start-up country ...

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