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2023 : The worst is not sure

Forecasting is a difficult art. Yet, in economy, it is one of the main centers of interest. But the exercise is a little distorted. An optimism excess may incite the economic agents to take decisions whose consequences would be heavy if the expectations are not fulfilled. To the opposite, good surprises quickly make forgotten the pessimistic statements and the credibility of their authors are not affected by that. 2022, as the two previous years, has known an unprecedent succession of events since the second world war having heavy economic repercussions. They were, due to their nature, impossible to predict as ...

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The China new challenges

The place China has taken in the world economy has become so important that its difficulties have repercussions at the planet scale. That economic success took a long time to come. The President Mao has given back to the country its unit and its sovereignty after more than a century of Western and Japanese aggressions and people will be grateful to him forever for that. But his economic results, with the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution were disastrous. That did not impeach Alain Peyrefitte in 1973 in the conclusion of his book” When China wakes up” to praise ...

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The great inflation come back

The glorious Forties are well finished, that period during which developed countries economies had enjoyed prices stability. At the end of this 2022 year, inflation in all these countries, to the exception of China and Japan, will have reached between 7 and 11%, France being for one time the good pupils, ranked among the better with at the end of October, a harmonized rate of 7.1% following the European rules and 6.2% following its national definition. That long period had not yet been exempted of financial crisis, the three re-alignments of the Franc inside the European Monetary System ...

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