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Toward a reduction of the risks

For almost two years, most of the economic reflections and comments are about the increase of risks, the imminent coming of a recession and even of a new major financial crisis. No economist did forecast the 2007-2008 one and no political leader did propose measures to cope with that risk. That incites them today to announce the worst to then pretend that “they were right in saying that”. It is indisputable that the world is going through a period propitious to accidents and even to breakdowns. Trade tensions created by the American administration have generated retorts from targeted countries. Ups ...

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Economic liberalism leads to populism

Liberalism has not the same signification in France than in Anglo-Saxon countries where it refers to political or societal issues. In France, it applies to economy and to a policy which confers to private economic agents the duty to reach major internal (price, full employment) equilibriums and external balances through the adjustment of the currency rate. To give a larger significance to this model, it has been invented the neo liberalism concept. It will be relaunched under Ronald Reagan mandate in the U.S. at the beginning of the Eighties through putting an end to policies inspired by Keynes and ...

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The Jackson Hole message to Biarritz

Two major international meetings will be held at the end of the week. Leaders from the U.S, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy and France, the country which hosts the Summit will get together in Biarritz. The creation of such “Summits” was decided in the middle of the Seventies. Their purpose was mainly economic. At that time, the world is emerging from the fixed currencies system instituted after the war and crisis are going one after the other. So heads of States and of governments are considering it is useful to talk to each other, to get informed about the intentions ...

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