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Figure of the day

0.53% : the rate of the 10-year French bond

Challenging again forecasts, France continues to profit from historically cheap financing conditions. The 10-year rate published by Agence France-Trésor on December 5th, 0.53%, was at its lowest level for more than a year. This situation should last for most of next year, in contradiction with the figures published in the 2018 Finance bill. Three elements are supporting this trend. The most important is coming from the last decisions of the European Central Bank. Its quantitative easing policy is prorogated until next September through the purchase of bonds. Even if their amounts are reduced to 30 billion per month ...

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40%: The thermal power plants production increase in November in France

The stoppage, for diverse reasons, of around ten nuclear power plants and a colder autumn have been enough to disrupt the energy mix in France in November. Consumption increased by  near 9%, compared to November 2015, but the net electricity production fell by 3.7%, which has provoked a slump of exports. The trade balance has been divided by 10 with just a 0.64 TWh surplus. Nuclear production has fallen by 12.7% and its share of the power production, which usually is close to 75%, was reduced to 68%. Thanks to a good level of the water in ...

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2nd Quarter French growth: -0.1%

INSEE has, once more, revised downward 2nd quarter French growth. It has been negative: -0.1%. France didn’t have a reduction of its GDP during one quarter since 2013. So it is difficult to share the optimism of those who consider that “it is going better”. Despite a favorable international environment, a weak oil price, interest rates at their historic low and substantial fiscal incentives for business, French economy is not rebounding. And the figures, published by INSEE even include evaluations difficult to understand since the contribution of foreign trade to growth would be positive for the first ...

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