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Iran and oil: the new paradigms

The success, to be confirmed, of the negotiations with Iran, as well as the reactions of the oil markets to the draft agreement, show that we have entered a new era, both of our relations with the Gulf countries and of the geopolitics of energy. The destabilization of the Middle East and parts of Africa, due to civil wars and their massacres, is the result of the merciless war between Sunni and Shia Islam. It is also reminiscent of the terrible religious wars that pitted, in Europe, Catholics and Protestants against one another, in the sixteenth century. So far, the ...

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Emissions: CO2 and particles

A good and a (very) bad news came out within a few days. The International Energy Agency revealed that in 2014 the total amount of CO2 emissions resulting from energy use (excluding therefore Road Transport) remained stable. This is unexpected for this amount remained stable despite the economic recovery. Usually, it remains stable when there is a decline or a stagnation of economic activity.

At the same time, Paris went through an episode of fine particles (PM10) and knew an extremely serious pollution episode that made Paris one of the largest and most polluted capitals in the world. This is ...

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France 2015 : Black or Green year ?

2014 was deeply disappointing. The economy did not achieve the hoped-for recovery and unemployment reached a record level despite the increase of subsidized jobs and the massive transfers for companies, so that they could invest and recruit. How does 2015 look like?

France will benefit from a favourable economic environment. The sharp drop in industrial raw materials prices  (iron-ore:  - 40%, natural rubber:  - 30%, textile fibers:  - 12%) and in oil prices will lead to a 30 billion euros reduction of its foreign bill. Industrial companies will recover their margins, and households will increase their purchasing power. In the past (1986, 1998 ...

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