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From oil to electricity

Energy has always been at the core of the transformations which have affected societies. It is the coal which has allowed the industrial revolution and which has offered the possibility to the countries where were located the deposits to developing and to increasing their influence in the world. The 20th century has been, in many considerations, the oil century as much by the huge possibilities it gave as by the crisis it has been at the origin. The access to the Caspian Sea resources had incited Germany to invade the south of Russia, an attempt which has failed in ...

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Power : The big challenge

If there is one point about which everybody agrees, it is that to ensure the energetic transition, the power needs will significantly increase in the coming decades. The priority given to electric vehicles, in Europe as in China, will generate a rise of the electricity consumption. It will be the same regarding heating. The restrictions imposed to reduce the number of boilers using fuel or coal will automatically provoke the transfer toward electric heating for the homes or the buildings which are not connected to natural gas networks. We could add the society digitization which is also a factor of ...

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Energy and the carbon dioxyde emissions in the world

During 71 years, the BP group has published accurate statistics about energy production and consumption country by country and for each energy source. Now, this mission has been granted to the Energy Institute which has just revealed the 2022 results. The year has been characterized by growth slowing everywhere in the world except in India, after the rebound occurred in 2021 coming after the deep recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 2022 has also been affected by the oil and natural gas supply chains perturbations after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the sanctions decided by the Western countries ...

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