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The right energy transition (next)

The coming international meetings dedicated to the fight against climate warming and especially the Glasgow conference which will occur in September would lead to significant progresses in the taking into conscience of the stakes because the political leaders of the two most important emitters, the United States and China, have confirmed their commitments in that way and have taken the energy transition as one of their priorities. It is in that context that the International Energy Agency (IEA) has just published a long report on the tools to put into practice to reach the Net Zero objective in 2050.

Unfortunately ...

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The right energy transition

The purpose is not a new one. Previously, during the Seventies, appeared the need to separate growth, indispensable for guaranteeing employment and the level of life increase, with energy consumption. The two oil shocks had destabilized foreign trades and France, at that time, was not protected by the euro against the speculation caused by its external deficit. Energy supply safety had become a priority, which had lead to the choice in favor of nuclear power production. Today, the stakes are the climate but the objective is the same: it is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions coming from energy consumption, and ...

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Fukushima and the fake news

Ten years ago, happened the Fukushima disaster. Many articles and reports are coming back to this dramatic event which has caused thousands of deaths in Japan and has warned world opinion about the nuclear risk. At that time, the consequences on the population and on environment are by large described but it is to early to make the distinction between a natural catastrophe and a major nuclear accident. Today, it is not anymore the case and many reports including the last United Nations one are clearly establishing the facts and their consequences. Despite that the confusion is still maintained and ...

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