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The real energy transition

In France, we are delivering speeches and we like writing laws. One of the favorite purposes is the evolution of a key economic activity: energy production and consumption. It is also at the heart of the debate about environment and the threats greenhouse gas emissions are weighting on the planet. But it is also a key sector for the purchasing power and companies results. Every year, British Petroleum publishes a report on world energy production and consumption by sources of energy and by country. That also allows to assess midterm trends since the report provides the last ten years figures ...

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The China energy transition

China is today the most important emitter of greenhouse gas but that has not been always the situation. The country over passed the United States only recently. As climate change is linked to the accumulated pollution, the new emitters have considered for a long time that the efforts had to be at first imposed to the countries which were responsible of the past accumulation. That was the China position but it has changed. The support, without any ambiguity, by Beijing to the Paris Agreement, is the proof of it and it is not the reflection of diplomatic or symbolic attitude ...

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The fossil fuels revolution

Innovation generates passions. We cannot count the comments and the books which explain that artificial intelligence will transform our lives, for the best, according to some or for the worst according to others. Electric cars or autonomous vehicles will drive us to rethink about our moving modes. Smart-phones have changed our daily life. Internet is not anymore limited to professional activities and permanently accompanies us and wherever we go. But these passions or this interest are selective. The twin shale oil and gas revolutions have not been forecast by anybody, anyway in France. It is still denied in our country ...

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