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The three causes of the French crisis

The crisis France is going through has deep roots. The disorders which are going along it and which are heavily hurting its image in the world are without precedent for almost a century. The support this movement receives in the public opinion, despite the unacceptable violence it generates shows the dimension of the country discontent. Political leaders public declarations, set aside the support to the forces of law and order, show their disarray. The few reactions to the first measures decided by the government confirm that only major changes must be proposed this one wants to put an end to ...

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China and the climate

The next international conference devoted to climate, the COP 24, will be held in Katowice, in Poland, at the beginning of December. U.S. withdraw from the Paris Agreement will give to China a predominant position and will allow the emerging countries voice to make it heard. The threat regarding climate change, which is becoming more and more difficult to challenge, is the CO2 and greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere. It is on this issue that divergences are increasing between developed countries and the other participants to the discussions. Each one responsibility is not the same in the current ...

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Ecology and the fuel crisis in France

The deep discontent provoked by past and coming increases of fuels taxation is a further sign of the political leaders incapacity to establish a right diagnostic about the situations they propose to correct, to elaborate the appropriated policies and to make them accepted by their citizens. The increase of the taxes levied on fuels and the convergence at the top between gasoline and diesel has, as an objective, to favor “energy transition”. But this policy, prompted by laudable intentions, is based on a confusion which has been at the origin of many errors.

Climate warming is generated by the accumulation ...

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