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Thank you, nuclear power

Regulated electricity tariffs have increased by 0.5% on August 1st after a 1.6% rise on February 1st. In two years, the French people annual bill increased by 5%. We could legitimately be worried about that. But it would forget that, as an average, in Europe, the rise has been much superior, when prices paid by household were already much higher than in France. In 2019, the cost by consumption unit in Germany, for instance was superior by 68%. Natural gas regulated tariffs, them, have increased by 8.7% September 1st, after rises by 5.3% and 9.9 ...

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The innovation uncertainties

The Richard Branson short trip into space aboard his launching-airplane whose realization he had financed  as the coming stay in space of Jeff Bezos, also aboard a capsule whose he looked after the conception show how to which point innovation can create surprises. Who could have forecasted, during the Fifties, that the space competition between the United States and the Soviet Union could one day lead to leisure activities? Ray Bradbury, in his Martian Chronicles published at that time was rather imagining an invasion of Mars, at the beginning of the 21th century by the Earth inhabitants, impatient to extend ...

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The barrel of oil price and the climate

On the European market, the barrel of oil price is nearing 80$, at its highest for three years. This trend is all the more spectacular since it comes at a time when the OPEC members are not achieving an agreement about the evolution of their production. Traditionally, in this case, prices were falling because the lack of an agreement allowed each member to increase its production and the total supply quickly became superior to the demand. The United Arab Emirates have blocked the negotiation because they ask a reevaluation of their quota of 600 000 barrels per day. But they ...

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