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La (fausse) crise du Yuan

Les commentaires qui ont accompagné les trois ajustements de parité opérés par la Banque centrale de Chine, et qui ne sont sûrement pas les derniers, témoignent, une fois encore de l’incompréhension en Europe et tout particulièrement en France, de la stratégie économique du gouvernement chinois et du mode de fonctionnement de la deuxième économie mondiale.

Déjà, parler de crise quand on s’inquiète de savoir si la Chine atteindra ou non son objectif de croissance de 7%, alors que les économies européennes stagnent depuis quatre ans, frise le ...

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The teen crisis of Chinese stock markets

One does not become an international financial place in a single day. Shanghai is now becoming aware of it. Chinese leaders, facing the collapse of financial markets seem to have trouble finding the right attitude as they are used to be always in control of the situation. But markets do not work like that. However, the way international media rejoice themselves while reporting the fall of the stock exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen and implying against all odds, that the economic and political consequences would weaken the country, is suspect.

(Almost) nobody predicted the Chinese “Thirty Glorious”. Whenever the country ...

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CHINA: The New Way

"Where there is a will, there is a way," said the sage Lao Tzu. What does China want today and where does it go? Most of the commentators focus nowadays on the growth slowdown and the impact of the debt accumulated by real estate promoters and local governments on the financial and social stability of the country, which could threaten the global economy. This is not what is at stake.

First, comparing the growth rates over a long period of time is not relevant. In 2005, China had a GDP equivalent to that of France or the UK. Ten years ...

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