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The new California

It is Chinese, which is not surprising, and its capital city is Shenzhen, a town with 13 million inhabitants which was just a fishermen village at the end of Mao era. Kilometers of skyscrapers-lined avenues can be viewed whose architects have competed in imagination and boldness. Compared to that, La Defense district looks like a simple block, even if it is one of the most important business centers in Europe. It is there that everything has started. Deng Xiaoping had chosen it, near Hong Kong, to create one of its “special economic zones”. A particular legislation protected foreign investments and ...

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China and the climate

The next international conference devoted to climate, the COP 24, will be held in Katowice, in Poland, at the beginning of December. U.S. withdraw from the Paris Agreement will give to China a predominant position and will allow the emerging countries voice to make it heard. The threat regarding climate change, which is becoming more and more difficult to challenge, is the CO2 and greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere. It is on this issue that divergences are increasing between developed countries and the other participants to the discussions. Each one responsibility is not the same in the current ...

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Chinese economy holds out

The publication of the first estimation of the 3rd quarter Chinese growth rate (6.5%) confirms that the financial markets worries as these of commentators were excessive. Of course, the published numbers are slightly inferior to expectations (6.6%) but this gap is trivial and the referred disappointment is absurd. Regarding the three first 2018 quarters, China has reached a 6.7% rhythm, above the government objectives and, anyway, an impressive one, if we take into account the size of the Chinese economy and if we compare it to other major economies. The Middle empire stays as one of the ...

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