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Happy Year of the rabbit

China remains deeply attached to its traditions. It has adopted the western calendar for its civilian activities and for the publication of its statistics but it celebrates the New Year according to its ancestral practices, which are full of symbols. On January 21st, the country came into the Year of the rabbit. It is each time the opportunity for the families the urbanization, due to the strong growth during these last decades had separated, to meet. They had been impeached of it by the measures adopted during three years in order to fight against the pandemic. Their lifting allows ...

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The China new challenges

The place China has taken in the world economy has become so important that its difficulties have repercussions at the planet scale. That economic success took a long time to come. The President Mao has given back to the country its unit and its sovereignty after more than a century of Western and Japanese aggressions and people will be grateful to him forever for that. But his economic results, with the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution were disastrous. That did not impeach Alain Peyrefitte in 1973 in the conclusion of his book” When China wakes up” to praise ...

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China and the global crisis

The economic and financial consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and of the Ukraine invasion by Russia, which are adding to themselves and during more than forecasted in the Western countries are so heavy that it is not anymore excessive to talk about a global crisis. China has not been saved due to its very strict policy and to the breakout of supply chains built during the last decades and which were at the origin of the globalization. At the eve of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party which will decide, in all probability, to give a third five-years mandate ...

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