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China : what's new ?

China is at the front of the daily scene for months. Its economy is slowing, the trade negotiations feature with Washington is taking financial markets under tension, the political crisis in Hong Kong is generating lively critics from Western countries. But the place the country is now occupying on the international scene is just the consequence of its growing weight on the world economy.

The Hong Kong crisis is the result of the awkwardness of local authorities and of Beijing refusal to deplore them. The last Sunday elections represent a major disapproval for these authorities but they won’t have ...

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The China energy transition

Two events give a good illustration of China determination to transform its energy model and of the followed orientations to improve the population quality of life and to bring its contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the country commitments regarding the Paris Agreement. Some days ago the second Taishan EPR power plant has been put in operation in the south of the country. It is run through a partnership between EDF and its long time associate, CGN, with whom the French utility has strong relationship for more than thirty years. Next, in October, the natural gas ...

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Is China doing so badly ?

The publication of China economic growth rate during the 2nd quarter (6.2%) has been received in Western countries with harshness. During the 1st quarter it had been 6.4%, i.e. for the first half of the year inside the 6 to 6.5% fork adopted as the official objective by the government for 2019. This “great slowing” has been denounced because the figure was the lowest since quarterly statistics are published, i.e. in 1992. In fact, the major point, not to say it is an historical one, is that China, during more than 25 years has ...

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