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Archives Jan. 1, 2021

The negative interest rates comeback in France

In France, for the first time this year, if we except a short period during Summer, the 10 years State Bond went back on December 3rd into negative territory : -0.03%. So, against the forecasts stated many times by the economists and despite the spectacular increase of the public indebtedness since the beginning of the sanitary crisis, France financing conditions remain extremely favorable. But it is not an exception in Europe. Germany keeps its 30 to 40 basis points spread with Paris and has issued these last days 10 years bonds carrying a -0.39% rate. In the Unites ...

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France and the unemployment

The publication of the last figures has given the opportunity for making reassuring comments. Unemployment rate as the jobseekers number at the end of October came back to the level observed at the eve of the economic crisis provoked by the Cocid-19 pandemic. These results constitute without any doubt good news because the worst was expected and forecast carrying hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies and job losses had been put forward. Adopted and put into practice policies to cope with the economic crisis have been efficient. The providing of State-guaranteed financing has allowed enterprises which had been weakened to surviving ...

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Natural gas, the new strategic commodity

During a century, the access to oil has constituted a major strategic stake and has been at the center of geopolitical tensions leading even sometimes to wars. At the end of the Ottoman Empire, England and the United States, to which France lately joined, have redrafted the Middle East map according to the localization of the oilfields. The Pearl Harbor attack has been initiated by Japan threat to be deprived of its oil supply by the U.S. If the German army went to Stalingrad to fight, it was with the purpose to have access to Caspian Sea and its ...

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