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-0.14% : the French 10-years Bond rate

Since the beginning of August, the French State 10 Years-Bonds rate has fluctuated between -0.14% and -0.20%. We must come back to 2020 autumn at the top of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic to find so low interest rates. The trend is general in the euro zone and the spread between the countries said “virtuous” and the southern countries has not stopped to narrowing. Between France and Germany, it little oscillates around 35 basis points when the difference between their public indebtedness ratios is huge, with 75% of the GDP for Germany and near 120% in ...

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The Italian model

Soccer is frequently used as a metaphor to illustrate the major points of the world economy. We remember the comments which have accompanied Germany victories against France during the Word Cups in the Eighties. England defeat, on its territory, at Wembley, against Italy during the last Euro final, has not missed to be accompanied with considerations which have not a lot to do with sport. The Squadra Azzura victory was reflecting the European Union superiority against the United Kingdom which had just left it after the adoption of the Brexit.

This coming back into favor of the Peninsula is all ...

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The imperative industrial necessity

When, in 1969, Lionel Stoleru published his book, the imperative industrial necessity, he doesn’t doubt himself to which point the issue of the role of the industry in the French economy will become, during the following fifty years, a major public preoccupation. The Glorious Thirty are at their top. Unemployment doesn’t exist thanks to the growth and to an atypical demographic curb, the barrel of oil costs only a few dollars but inflation is high. Foreign exchanges are mainly devoted to the supply of commodities and globalization is an unknown concept even if Japan rise in the sectors ...

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