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Alain Boublil Blog



The European Power reactor : a malediction or a solution ?ti

The announcement of a first cost overtaking regarding the two EPR being built in England at Hinkley Point and of a new delay of the putting into activity of the French one at Flamanville has incited the government to launch an audit about the choice of the nuclear reactor. This decision will be unavoidably interpreted as a defiance signal. It will not help the population support of new projects when French people benefit from the lowest electricity price in Europe and when France, thanks to this power production technique has one among the lowest level of greenhouse gas emission in ...

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Economic liberalism leads to populism

Liberalism has not the same signification in France than in Anglo-Saxon countries where it refers to political or societal issues. In France, it applies to economy and to a policy which confers to private economic agents the duty to reach major internal (price, full employment) equilibriums and external balances through the adjustment of the currency rate. To give a larger significance to this model, it has been invented the neo liberalism concept. It will be relaunched under Ronald Reagan mandate in the U.S. at the beginning of the Eighties through putting an end to policies inspired by Keynes and ...

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To break with a policy causing anxiety

The small review of the French growth rate for the second quarter, which would have reached 0.3% instead of 0.2% in its first estimation, as the increase of household consumption of goods in July (+0.4%) after the fall in June (-0.2%) must not give illusions. The levels are still very low and insufficient to assert that France has regained a satisfying economic trend. In looking more closely at these numbers, it is possible to think it is even the opposite. Contrast is striking between the improvement of the financial situation of both household and enterprises and ...

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