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french economy : the disappointment

The publication of the revised numbers of the French economy during the 2021 1st quarter has received few comments so the impact of the sanitary crisis makes analysis difficult. Instead of a very thin growth published in the first estimation (+0.1%), INSEE announces a GDP fall by 0.4%. The perturbations on the economic agents behaviors generated by the measures decided by the government or by the anticipations regarding the covid-19 pandemic next steps are difficult to evaluate with accuracy. But the revision to a lower level nevertheless put as evidences the country difficulties to prepare its crisis exit ...

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The right energy transition

The purpose is not a new one. Previously, during the Seventies, appeared the need to separate growth, indispensable for guaranteeing employment and the level of life increase, with energy consumption. The two oil shocks had destabilized foreign trades and France, at that time, was not protected by the euro against the speculation caused by its external deficit. Energy supply safety had become a priority, which had lead to the choice in favor of nuclear power production. Today, the stakes are the climate but the objective is the same: it is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions coming from energy consumption, and ...

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Interest rates : still zero

In April, French 10 years Bonds interest rate has fluctuated between -0.07% and +0.08%. That astonishing stability brings at first a serious denial to these who for years are announcing that low rates are a disorder and that they will inevitably rebound. The situation is not characteristic of France. In several other European countries, sometimes more indebted, rates remained at a very low level. In the United States, uncertainties about the new president economic policy and his ability to make it approved by the Congress had brought some volatility. But the 10 years Bond has never exceeded 1 ...

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