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Welcome, Mr. President

President Xi Jinping arrives in France Sunday. He is achieving a trip in Europe at a tense time due to Brexit uncertainties and to the trade negotiations with the U.S. It is his second visit, after the lavish reception given by François Hollande in 2014 at Versailles palace. His predecessor, President Hu Jintao came in 2004 and 2009. Each time reference is made to 1964, when France officially recognized of China. But that historical decision was harmed by the gaffe made by the French ambassador when he mentioned in that circumstance “France comes back into Asia”. Beijing didn ...

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Energy transition : the myth and the realities

Energy is at the center of the economic activities of a country. An excessive cost harms production and a shortage causes the stoppage of equipments along with the unemployment of the affected employees. It has an essential role in inhabitant daily life through its cost which weights on purchasing power and through its availability which protects against cold weather and allows public services which have a vital character to function. It is why energy independence and supply safety constitute in most of the countries an objective and have lead France, which has no fossil fuels resources, to launch a massive ...

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French public debt : myths and reality

The level of public debt and its costs for the State budget have been used in France as a scarecrow by politicians for about ten years. These threats were held up when tax increases or expenditures reductions had to be voted. Everything has changed these last days. As a miracle, Bercy has admitted that the cost of the debt was going to fall. It will allow financing the new expenditures or the receipts reductions generated by the measures announced by the President of the Republic in December right in the middle of the “gilets jaunes” crisis. They had been evaluated ...

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