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United States

Diplomacy as a show

The vague agreement between North Korea and the United States about the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, instead of North Korea alone as it was initially requested by Washington, must not make us to forget the psychodrama we attended at the G7. Political leaders must now question themselves about the future of this kind of event. Created in 1975 by a French initiative, these meetings had as a purpose to allow major Western powers and Japan to exchange on economic issues and to find common positions on major trade and financial challenges. It never emerged decisive decisions and that has ...

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The two sides of the American economy

At a moment when the French President arrives in the United States, attention will be focused on his counterpart personality and the ability of both men to understand each other despite their age and character differences. It is essential if they want to adopt common positions about the many current economic and geopolitical challenges affecting the international scene. It should also give the opportunity to have a better understanding of today America. We are amazed by the achievements of these companies which have changed our daily life with their software (Microsoft), their smart phones (Apple), their platforms to have access ...

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Donald Trump-Xi Jinping : the unequal combat

The Syrian crisis must not conceal the other current factors of instability. Tension between the U.S. and its allied nations and Russia will wane as soon as situation in Syria calms down. Economic consequences of the sanctions will be limited at the world level. It won’t be the same if a real economic war opposes China and the U.S. It is the whole international trade organization which could be affected. Despite its defects and the exceptional imbalances that system has sometimes generated, it has permitted a continuous trade development for more than fifty years and it is ...

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