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United States

Beijing-Washington : the long march

In Paris, commentators are discussing about the order of arrival of candidate lists to the European elections. In Brussels, it is questioned about how the institutions will function with the fragmentation of the political forces which are assigned to have seats; But in Beijing as in Washington, they are thinking about the next possible steps in the rising tensions between the two countries. The communication mode of their leaders is reflecting their cultural differences. The American president is alternating avenging tweets denouncing Chinese Authorities attitude with conciliatory remarks explaining that, at the end, they will find a good agreement. Following ...

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The American economy : miracle or mirage ?

The publication of the first estimation of the American GDP for the 1st 2019 quarter has given the opportunity to enthusiastic comments as the last unemployment figures, the best for 49 years. With a 0.8% growth, i.e. an annual rhythm above 3%, the American economy has invalidated the analysis which were forecasting for that period 0.5%, due, partly, to the shutdown. The stoppage of the country administrative activity, provoked by the disagreement between the White House and the Congress about the increase of the public debt limit had generated the put in lays-off of a part ...

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The contradictions of Donald Trump

The American president omnipresence in the media and in the social networks has an inconvenient which he seems not to have completely controlled: to attract attention, it is necessary to avoid, as possible, to repeat himself and to announce every time something new. That leads him to take decisions and to pass judgments which are frequently carrying contradictions. The most worrying point is that he doesn’t seem conscious of that when even he falls into a denial. It is this instability of the economic policy and of the American diplomacy which constitutes a threat for financial markets as for ...

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