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United States

The contradictions of Donald Trump

The American president omnipresence in the media and in the social networks has an inconvenient which he seems not to have completely controlled: to attract attention, it is necessary to avoid, as possible, to repeat himself and to announce every time something new. That leads him to take decisions and to pass judgments which are frequently carrying contradictions. The most worrying point is that he doesn’t seem conscious of that when even he falls into a denial. It is this instability of the economic policy and of the American diplomacy which constitutes a threat for financial markets as for ...

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The American economy under Donald Trump

The latest estimation of the American growth rate during the second 2018 quarter has just been published: 4.2%. It is an annualized rate. In Europe we use quarterly rates which give the illusion that our numbers are much lower than they are in reality. In using the same method, the American quarterly rate is closed to 1%. Compared to French 0.2% rate for the first 2018 two quarters, the achievement is enviable. During the last twelve months, American growth is close to 3%, which is twice higher than in the eurozone and nothing allows us to think that ...

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The economic consequences of Donald Trump

Military battles are won thanks to appropriate alliances. It is the same in economy where the usual term is rather competition but the result is the same: there are winners and losers. The United States president seems to ignore that obviousness. On one side he shows off, to the opposite to his predecessors, an unlimited desire for power and, in the same time, he isolates his country. Every meetings he participates or appointments he gives, and there would have been a lot in July, reveals deep clashes. NATO Summit saw the United States bringing an accusation against European countries. The ...

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