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Globalization is not dead

The signature of a free-trade agreement between the ten countries members of ASEAN and China, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zeeland brings a spectacular proof that negotiations gathering many countries to go through new steps regarding goods and services liberalization exchanges can be successful. So a stunning denial is brought to these who forecast the end of globalization. Yet, deep political disagreements are remaining between the signatory countries. China and Japan are reproaching themselves for wanting to annex territories they are not the owners, in this case, islands. South Korea is accusing Japan, as also China, to never having ...

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The relapse

The confirmation of a strict lockdown “at least” until December 1st announced by the Prime minister is confirming that the covid-19 pandemic is far from being under control. To the contrary, it has known from the end of the summer an important rebound with a rapid rise of the number of contaminated persons and hospital admissions. The number of sick people under reanimation has reached a level which is near the peak attained during the first wave in April. The pandemic had provoked an unprecedented recession of the French economy during the second quarter. The return to an almost ...

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The State great comeback

To someone who was asking him why, when he was going shopping, he bought rice and flowers, Confucius replied: I buy rice to live and flowers to have a reason to live. These words carry today a burning actuality. Is the State to allow us to survive, depriving us of our reason to live? The future will tell us but what is sure is, that everywhere in the world, we see the comeback of the State which breaks with decades during which, and not only in Western countries, followed policies were based on its disengagement and critics were tough, especially ...

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