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Alain Boublil Blog



The numbers and the pandemic

Numbers have invaded our life. They today are utilized to track the evolution of the pandemic. According to poll opinions, they give rhythm to political life to a point where ideas debate has largely let its place to comments about respective positions of one or another political leader in the opinion. They are at the origin of the whole economic thought, even when the concepts they measure have become obsolete and unsuitable to describe the world as it is or as it is changing. They sometimes guarantee our survival, as in a plane where the assessment of all the flying ...

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The Keynes great comeback

John Maynard Keynes went down in history, which is not frequent for an economist, because the remedies he had proposed during the great 1929 crisis had allowed Roosevelt to making the United States exiting from the deep depression which after extended itself to Europe. But it was not his first masterstroke. He had been the only one to denounce the economic risks the Versailles Treaty was carrying due to the extent he thought excessive of the reparations imposed to Germany. He, then, left the British delegation. History gave him he was right. The crisis which resulted from the consequences has ...

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Public debt : the three errors

When you want to bury a file or when you want people to believe you are working to solve a problem you create a committee, it is a real French tradition. It is precisely what the government has just done about public indebtedness. Its composition is revealing: it will bring together former ministers who have contributed to increase it when they were in the government and economists who have not stopped to denounce the phenomenon and to make alarmist forecasts which revealed themselves wrong both about the cost of the debt, of the solvability of economic agents or the ability ...

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