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To get out of the crisis : The fireman and the architect

When a fire is starting, firemen are called. Once the fire is over, it is necessary to rebuild. It is at that time an architect is called. These two professions are indispensable, the one as the other. It is the same to make a country exiting from the major economic crisis provoked by the corona virus pandemic. All the states have tried to limit the economic and the social consequences of the measures taken to fight against the propagation of the outbreak. This one being, according to a general opinion, on the way to remission, not to say disappearance, it ...

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The recssion is getting worse

The update of the French GDP evolution during the 2020 1st quarter, to which INSEE has just achieved wouldn’t lead into mistakes. The first estimation did show a GDP fall by 5.8%. The new one gives a 5.3% reduction. The gap between the two publications is much larger than what we usually see; i.e. rarely more than one or two deciles. But it reveals more the difficulties to grasp the figures of an event without any precedent than a less serious admission of the consequences of the corona virus outbreak on the French economy. In ...

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To rethink industrial policy

The huge damages caused by the corona virus outbreak on the French production plants as becoming aware of the risks generated by the foreign dependence on essential supplies have driven to the resurgence of a concept some believed it was forgotten or inefficient, the industrial policy. It had its glorious time during the Sixties, when trade borders were starting to be opened and during the Eighties when were revealed the weaknesses of the national production plant.

The neo-liberal turnaround in the Nineties in Europe as in the U.S. had made the concept put among the ideas and the practices ...

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