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The debt, always the debt...

The new restrictions decided by the French government do not constitute a true lockdown but they will weight again on economic activity. Household will spend less and enterprises won’t definitely see a signal encouraging them to invest. Growth, they are thinking at Bercy, wouldn’t be much impacted. Retail shops which must close in more than one third of the country will receive supports to go through that new ordeal but amounts are not considered as important enough to review budget forecasts. But all that will only increase public debt without the growth comeback generates enough resources to guarantee ...

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Fukushima and the fake news

Ten years ago, happened the Fukushima disaster. Many articles and reports are coming back to this dramatic event which has caused thousands of deaths in Japan and has warned world opinion about the nuclear risk. At that time, the consequences on the population and on environment are by large described but it is to early to make the distinction between a natural catastrophe and a major nuclear accident. Today, it is not anymore the case and many reports including the last United Nations one are clearly establishing the facts and their consequences. Despite that the confusion is still maintained and ...

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The public debt and inflation

The interest rate on 10-years bonds issued by France came, at the end of February, very slightly in positive territory (+0.03%) when it was fluctuating for several months between -0.30 and 0.20%. It fell back to -0.06% at the beginning of March but it was not needed more to re-launch worries about the too high level of the French public debt and about the risks that a rate increase provoked by a comeback of inflation would weight on the debt charge in the future. The trial made to public authorities by these who condemn a policy ...

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