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Archives Jan. 1, 2021

Glasgow : The lessons of a failure

Never-ending discussions between thousands of delegates of near two hundreds States and international organizations, a compromise text whose interpretation is confusing and vague commitments, so is the result of the COP 26. Yet, everything is not negative. This conference has shown a turnaround in the world public opinion and the skepticism about climate warming, about its causes and its consequences, has strongly retreated. No more major country, as during the Trump mandate, today dares to dispute the importance of the phenomenon and its challenges. But the track is long between the expressed intentions exposed by everyone, the conclusion of an ...

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Where China is going to ?

The absence of the Chinese president Xi Jinping at the two major international meetings in Roma (G20) and Glasgow (COP 26) has triggered a wave of comments about the “isolation” and the “withdraw into itself” of the second biggest economy of the planet, whose growth model had been until now based on an active contribution to the globalization expansion. In 2020, its exports reached 18% of the world exports. The explanation given by Beijing, the sanitary context and the very strict measures adopted in the country to slow the development of the pandemic, have not convinced.

In the same time ...

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The States big comeback

The importance granted to two major international meetings, the Roma G20 which has just been concluded with several agreements, and the COP 26 which will be held in Glasgow shows to which point, regarding economic and environmental issues, States action is recovering its essential character. It is a major turnaround compared to the last twenty years when the “liberal globalization” had essentially been based on the decisions taken by private actors, sometimes managed by the central banks whose independency against any public intervention was granted. The Keynesian receipts were sent back to the history sidelines and free competition between actors ...

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