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2005-2015: in ten years, (almost) everything has changed...

Let us remember! In 2005, oil prices began to rebound, after fluctuating for twenty years between 15 and 40 dollars per barrel. When it reached 50 dollars, people started to worry and to talk about expensive oil. Theorists of "peak oil" voiced their concerns and announced the imminent exhaustion of resources. Patrick Artus in La Tribune predicted a barrel around $ 300 in 2015! Jean Marie Chevallier replied wisely that it was very difficult to forecast. A few weeks earlier, Alain Terzian, still in La Tribune, came to the obvious conclusion: the world had never had much oil. Ten years have ...

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Iran and oil: the new paradigms

The success, to be confirmed, of the negotiations with Iran, as well as the reactions of the oil markets to the draft agreement, show that we have entered a new era, both of our relations with the Gulf countries and of the geopolitics of energy. The destabilization of the Middle East and parts of Africa, due to civil wars and their massacres, is the result of the merciless war between Sunni and Shia Islam. It is also reminiscent of the terrible religious wars that pitted, in Europe, Catholics and Protestants against one another, in the sixteenth century. So far, the ...

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Brazil : the dark times

Nothing goes well for Brazil: failed growth, rising inflation, scandals, Moody’s degradation of Petrobras, the country’s most important company. Such is the situation endured by the star of the BRICS - concept coined by Goldman Sachs ten years ago to characterize the new locomotives of the world economy: B as Brazil, R as Russia, I as India, C, of ​​course, as China and S as South Africa, subsequently added to take into account the African continent. The concept did not survive the crisis. China is the only one to keep up its development, albeit at a slower pace. Retrospectively ...

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