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Figure of the day

The daily figure: 1.34% for the TEC 10

The rate recorded on the financial markets for French 10-year bonds reached 1.34% on june 11th, which is a rapid return to its 2014 average level. Indeed it was still below 0.5 % early May. Why such brutal fluctuations and what are the consequences for the French economy?

Until a few days ago, the word that was on everyone's lips and that triggered the concerns of economists was "deflation". Falling commodity prices under the combined effect of lower Chinese imports and the sharp rise in US oil production, was passed on to consumer prices, which also fell. This ...

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0,6% : une croissance en trompe l'oeil

L’INSEE vient de publier sa première estimation de la croissance de l’économie française pour le premier trimestre : +0,6%. Ce chiffre, supérieur aux attentes, a été salué par des commentaires optimistes, voire enthousiastes, qui sont loin d’être justifiés. D’abord, l’estimation s’accompagne d’une révision en baisse du résultat du 4ème trimestre : 0%. L’économie française a fini l’année 2014 à l’arrêt, et la conséquence a été immédiate sur l’emploi. Ensuite et surtout, le rebond, et l’INSEE le reconnait, r ...

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French exports in December: 37.9 billion euros

Finally a good figure! In December, French exports reached their highest level in nearly two years, increasing by 3.6% compared to December 2013.

In 2014, the total amount of the exports reached 437 billion and got close to the peak reached in 2012.

France, no offense to the "declinists" is the fifth largest exporter, and the second per capita, among major countries. According to this criterion, France is ranked right after Germany. More than deficit reduction, resulting from the energy savings due to the lower year end oil prices and especially the mild climate, the rebound in exports deserves ...

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