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Archives Jan. 1, 2021

Keynes is back

The governments action against the economic consequences of the pandemic is testifying of a deep disruption in the principles which have been, for near half a century, the foundations of economic policy. They have put at the disposal of enterprises and employees the financing allowing them, for the time being, to cope with the activity fall and the employment cuts resulting from it. The State-guaranteed loans allowed banks to support their clients without taking themselves risk. Its taking of part-time unemployment benefits financing had the same purpose: they offered to enterprises the possibility to keep their employees without affecting the ...

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The Orsay Museum and the French industrial decline

We could ask ourselves what kind of link could exist between the debate generated by the project to rename the Orsay Museum with the name of the one who was its inspiration, Valery Giscard d’Estaing and the admission of the degradation  of the French research and industry achievements which is not new. All the same, this admission is real, it is coming from a long time ago and it emerges from one of the most anchored characteristics of the French society.

These who were opposing the change of the name put forward, and they won, that it was unfair ...

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The new role of the central banks

The progressive elimination of the borders for capital flows, since the end of the Eighties, had given to the central banks a major role in the elaboration and the implementation of the economic policies. At the origin, they were in charge of the supply of payments tools and of coming to help the States when these ones were going through a crisis or to finance a war effort.  The economists under Milton Friedman and the Chicago school aegis gave then to them a determining mission in the achievement of the major equilibriums. Through the management of the money supply, they ...

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