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Archives Jan. 1, 2021

The French economy results

The end of the year and the coming of the presidential election constitute the right time to analyze the achievements of the French economy. How did it overcome the difficulties caused by the sanitary crisis? Did it accomplish the progresses to remedy to the weaknesses noted in the past?  For the political forces, if they are in charge of the power or if they belong to opposition, everything is white or everything is black. The reality is different. In some areas, success is difficult to contest, in others it is more than doubtful and they are some where the failure ...

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The Central Banks and iinflation

Last week, the central Banks of the United States, the United Kingdom and the euro zone had each one a meeting in a context affected by the uncertainties about the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic, about the durability of the economic rebound in the concerned countries and about the character of the inflation which affects them in order to define and to make public the guidelines of their monetary policy for the year to come. Through the definition of a guideline, these institutions which have become essential actors of the economic policy intend to avoid the disorders which could occur ...

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Germany, France and the European projects

Germany has just constituted its new government at a time when France, which inherits the European Union presidency, is going to enter into its electoral campaign. During that, the sanitary crisis doesn’t know any rest but the economy is giving rebound signs much more significant, notably in France, than it was expected and dreaded a year ago. There are, without any doubts, the supporting measures decided to cope with the consequences of the pandemic which have been adopted at the European level and in every country, which are at the origin of these results. The coordination of the decisions ...

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