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Archives June 2020

Energy : 2019 results and prospects for the "world to come"

In June, the oil group BP publishes energy production and consumption statistics for the previous year by sources and by countries. That allows to having a precise and definitive idea of the world situation, of CO2 emissions, of the evolution of the repartition between different fossil fuels, renewable and nuclear power and especially of the mid-term trends which are appearing. They allow to dismiss many wrong ideas regarding energy transition and to carry a judgment on the different proposals which are circulating in this domain.

The first observation is about energy consumption which, as a whole, is not failing, even ...

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Debts : The end of the great fears

The massive measures to support economy after the corona virus outbreak will generate an increase of the country global indebtedness. If household, due to the constitution of  precautionary savings and to a slowing of their real estate investment, are few affected, it is not the same regarding enterprises and even regarding the State and the public administrations. With the sanitary crisis, and the measures adopted everywhere in the world to cope with it, we saw, due to that, a paradigms reversal. Before, the debts level was denounced as excessive but the threats were by large exaggerated. With the crisis, a ...

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To get out of the crisis : The fireman and the architect

When a fire is starting, firemen are called. Once the fire is over, it is necessary to rebuild. It is at that time an architect is called. These two professions are indispensable, the one as the other. It is the same to make a country exiting from the major economic crisis provoked by the corona virus pandemic. All the states have tried to limit the economic and the social consequences of the measures taken to fight against the propagation of the outbreak. This one being, according to a general opinion, on the way to remission, not to say disappearance, it ...

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