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Archives February 2020

France and its public debt

As every year at the same time, France National Audit Office has published its report on the management of public finances during the previous year. Its criticisms are harsh about the functioning of some public services or establishments and its conclusions are alarmist on the evolution of the State deficit and its indebtedness. But if the analysis which have the qualities of a detailed audit of an identified case as the one regarding Polytechnic School for instance are indispensable and convincing because they attract attention on the failures and carry elements allowing the State to remedy to them, the macroeconomic ...

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In the horizon 2050...

 We have lost count of the declarations assorted with very long term objectives, in the horizon…So, the European Union is forecasting, in the horizon 2050 to have a carbon neutral economy, objective which has been supported by France. The United Kingdom, in the horizon 2040, will forbid the sale of fossil fuel vehicles. France had decided to cap the share of the nuclear power production at 50% in 2025. Confronted with the lack of realism of that proposal, the government has postponed this commitment in the horizon 2030, which is still quite unrealistic due to intermittent character of renewable ...

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Paris is not a museum

The approach of the municipal elections in France, in a tense economic and social climate, gives the opportunity for the many candidates to make proposals for the cities they manage or they intend to manage. But the given evaluation of these proposals rarely makes the connection with the followed policies at the national level when, in major agglomerations, they have important consequences on growth and employment. They can contribute to the achievement of the searched equilibriums or to the aggravation of the situations the State is trying to cure. But these situations are frequently, in fact, the consequence of policies ...

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