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Archives October 2019

The end of inflation : a good or a bad news ?

A persistent very low inflation rate is worrying. It is a paradox because during decades, governments have taken up a price stability target and central banks had as a mission to act to reach it. We still had, in Europe, the remembrance of the consequences of the German crisis in the Twenties which has not been without relation with the Nazism rise. Today, we are in the opposite situation. Central banks have interpreted their mandate in the opposite direction from what was foreseen at the origin. Instead of adopting monetary policies having as an objective to reduce prices increase to ...

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Toward a reduction of the risks

For almost two years, most of the economic reflections and comments are about the increase of risks, the imminent coming of a recession and even of a new major financial crisis. No economist did forecast the 2007-2008 one and no political leader did propose measures to cope with that risk. That incites them today to announce the worst to then pretend that “they were right in saying that”. It is indisputable that the world is going through a period propitious to accidents and even to breakdowns. Trade tensions created by the American administration have generated retorts from targeted countries. Ups ...

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The European Power reactor : a malediction or a solution ?ti

The announcement of a first cost overtaking regarding the two EPR being built in England at Hinkley Point and of a new delay of the putting into activity of the French one at Flamanville has incited the government to launch an audit about the choice of the nuclear reactor. This decision will be unavoidably interpreted as a defiance signal. It will not help the population support of new projects when French people benefit from the lowest electricity price in Europe and when France, thanks to this power production technique has one among the lowest level of greenhouse gas emission in ...

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