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Archives January 2019

renault, Alstom and the French industry

For about fifteen years, France is de-industrializing itself. Political leaders, one after each other, have tried to remedy to that through the research tax credit, the CICE and this year, at last, the financing by the State of a share of the social charges. The corporate tax, which brought back around 40 billion in 2011, fell around 25 billion in 2018. This policy has heavily weighted on public finances because it did not only provide a benefit to industry in favor of which it was conceived to improve its competitiveness. Large retail companies and banks also profited from it. To ...

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Is Germany a model ?

On January 22nd, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron will get together in Aachen to sign a new cooperation Treaty between France and Germany. Both are weakened in their own countries. The French president is facing an unprecedented social crisis since 1968 which, despite the launch of the great national debate, will not disappear before their meeting. The Chancellor has announced she will put an end to her political carrier after the defeat of the coalition she leaded during the last general election. Since that, every local election has seen a backdrop of her party. Their meeting and the Treaty constitute ...

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Las Vegas, the capital city of the new world ?

The Consumer Electronic Show, which was just held in Las Vegas, attracts every year more enterprises, and not only start-ups, as media interest. It is shown there the new products and services which will be offered to consumers and which will make their inventors rich. Countries are also looking after a showcase of their dynamism there. France is not the last one because we are praising ourselves to be an innovating nation: the number of French enterprises which are making the trip put us at the second place, after the U.S. So France would have become a start-up country ...

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