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Archives Jan. 1, 2019

The China energy transition

Two events give a good illustration of China determination to transform its energy model and of the followed orientations to improve the population quality of life and to bring its contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the country commitments regarding the Paris Agreement. Some days ago the second Taishan EPR power plant has been put in operation in the south of the country. It is run through a partnership between EDF and its long time associate, CGN, with whom the French utility has strong relationship for more than thirty years. Next, in October, the natural gas ...

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Germany, 30 years after reunification

The results of the elections in two of the most important länder in the former East-Germany, Saxe and Brandenburg are revealing the problems to which Germany is confronted with in these territories, 30 years after the reunification, but also in the whole country. During autumn 1989, massive demonstrations in Leipzig showed every week the rejection of the communist regime. Austrian border was half-opened to let pass these who wanted to go in the West of the country. At the beginning of November, in Berlin, under the pressure of the crowd, it was the wall which fell and the democratic ...

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To break with a policy causing anxiety

The small review of the French growth rate for the second quarter, which would have reached 0.3% instead of 0.2% in its first estimation, as the increase of household consumption of goods in July (+0.4%) after the fall in June (-0.2%) must not give illusions. The levels are still very low and insufficient to assert that France has regained a satisfying economic trend. In looking more closely at these numbers, it is possible to think it is even the opposite. Contrast is striking between the improvement of the financial situation of both household and enterprises and ...

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