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Archives Jan. 1, 2019

Bienvenue, Monsieur le président !

Le Président Xi Jinping arrive en France dimanche. Il termine un bref séjour en Europe à un moment tendu par les incertitudes liées au Brexit et aux négociations avec les Etats-Unis.  C’est sa seconde visite, après la réception fastueuse donnée par François Hollande en 2014 au château de Versailles. Le président Hu Jintao était venu en 2004 puis en 2009. Chaque fois il est fait référence à 1964, date de la reconnaissance de la Chine par la France.  Mais cette décision historique fut gâchée par la ...

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Energy transition : the myth and the realities

Energy is at the center of the economic activities of a country. An excessive cost harms production and a shortage causes the stoppage of equipments along with the unemployment of the affected employees. It has an essential role in inhabitant daily life through its cost which weights on purchasing power and through its availability which protects against cold weather and allows public services which have a vital character to function. It is why energy independence and supply safety constitute in most of the countries an objective and have lead France, which has no fossil fuels resources, to launch a massive ...

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The New World facing old economic policies

The world has more changed during the last 25 years than during the half-century which preceded it. An extraordinary innovations wave whose success nobody forecast occurred from information circulation through domestic tools belonging to the daily life until shale oil and gas discoveries which postponed by several centuries worries about possible shortages. There was also the upheaval of the geopolitical context with the end of the Cold War symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall, the strengthening of the European project and the Chinese economy take-off. The States did not have any other choices, to cope with these challenges ...

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