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Archives Jan. 1, 2018

The three causes of the French crisis

The crisis France is going through has deep roots. The disorders which are going along it and which are heavily hurting its image in the world are without precedent for almost a century. The support this movement receives in the public opinion, despite the unacceptable violence it generates shows the dimension of the country discontent. Political leaders public declarations, set aside the support to the forces of law and order, show their disarray. The few reactions to the first measures decided by the government confirm that only major changes must be proposed this one wants to put an end to ...

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0.70% : 10 Years French bonds rate

At a time when French government economic policy is violently questioned, due to the increases on household taxation and the social levies affecting retired people and to the de-indexing of all the social benefits including pensions, financial markets are infirming the forecasts made by the minister of Economy. The benchmark rate for the 10 years bonds the French State issues to refinance its debt when it comes to maturity and to cover its budget deficit is staying, on December 3rd at a very low level: 0.70%. It has fluctuated in November between 0.70% and 0.82%. This ...

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The new California

It is Chinese, which is not surprising, and its capital city is Shenzhen, a town with 13 million inhabitants which was just a fishermen village at the end of Mao era. Kilometers of skyscrapers-lined avenues can be viewed whose architects have competed in imagination and boldness. Compared to that, La Defense district looks like a simple block, even if it is one of the most important business centers in Europe. It is there that everything has started. Deng Xiaoping had chosen it, near Hong Kong, to create one of its “special economic zones”. A particular legislation protected foreign investments and ...

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