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Archives September 2017

The electric car mirage

The announcement by China of ambitious objectives regarding electric or hybrid car sales in 2019 follows on many declarations made during Francfort Motor Show by German carmakers. They were anxious about rebuilding their good reputation after the “Dieselgate”. In Beijing, it is part of the policy in favor of the reduction of CO2 and particles emissions which, at the local level, are the cause of a major threat for health. In 2019, 10% of car sales should have an electric or hybrid engine. If they don’t, carmakers will have to pay a penalty or to buy to their competitors ...

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The hidden sides of the German model

German elections which will take place next Sunday will see a new victory for Angela Merkel. The only uncertainty is about its magnitude and the necessity she will have –or not- to constitute a coalition and with whom. An alliance with the Greens is the less likely hypothesis, even if she gave them token in getting out of nuclear power and in committing her country in an energy transition program which satisfies them. The likely comeback of the FDP, which missed the 5% barrier during last election in 2013, into the Bundestag opens the door to a “Small coalition” as ...

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How China is doing ? (continued)

19th Communist party Congress will occur in Beijing October 18th and will designate the country leaders. Without surprise, president Xi Jinping mandate will be prorogated by five more years and the party leadership will be constituted by his devoted supporters. So China political stability is guaranteed which, in a volatile world, is an advantage. Skepticism, frequently expressed in France about the country ability to transform itself and the many predictions regarding financial risks with which it could be confronted have been infirmed. It is true that this autumn political agenda incited authorities to be more vigilant but it ...

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